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there doesn’t seem to be firm details yet… other than the suggestion that things will be “as they were before”… so if you needed a negative test to come back to France during the last wave… it would be like that now, too.

This is from the link posted way up the thread…

I just paid £11.99 from here Antigen Covid-19 Test | For Outbound Travel | Only £11.99 – Medicspot for an unvaccinated relative to travel to France. All worked well. If there’s 15 of you I’d agree it was exorbitant, but I’m not sure if there’s a couple of you it’s too bad. I assume from what you say you no longer count as ‘fully vaccinated’ because of the lack of booster hence the need to test? Otherwise there’s no testing requirement for vaccinated travellers I think?

Thanks very much for the info. There are 5 of us so not too expensive. I’ve had a look on line and they seem correct. Prices seem to be less of a rip off this year! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a word of caution for anyone flying, I’ve had 2 separate groups of friends fly recently and all have ended up testing positive for Covid, despite being careful. One group were coming from Oz, negative before leaving but positive 4 days later, other group traveling from Glasgow to Orkney, ( I think!), negative before traveling, positive 5 days later. All okay with mild symptoms but well miffed as they thought they were being careful😒

People do need to get their vaccinations up to date…

I do wonder if a lack of a 4th vaccine (my 3rd was December) is going to cause travel problems, not to mention immunity issues.

can’t you get a 4th??? it’s 6 months now since your last …
other than that… you’ll need the negative test… and keep well away from everyone.
Sadly, being negative is not much help against anything… getting another jab would really benefit … if at all possible.

Vulnerable + over 75s right now for a boost. Have the regs changed and is a -ve test now required for entry? At least there’s 2 weeks to sort something better value than £65 each in Oxford.

1st July…

sorry… I might well have jumped the gun… if you are considered fully vaccinated (with your jabs documented) I think that’s still ok… (we’re on the cusp of things being a bit more rigid in my personal view).

@kirsteastevenson provided useful information:
" just paid £11.99 from here Antigen Covid-19 Test | For Outbound Travel | Only £11.99 – Medicspot for an unvaccinated relative to travel to France. All worked well."

If you have to provide a test at the last minute… that link might be a help.

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Thanks. There’s a test service we used for our return back in october that’s around the same price, but for the trip out our test needed to be within 48 hours of travel, and Oxford was the only convenient place to get it done.

is simplytestme stll going? was £12

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tonight’s figures

Interesting to read through… my vague understanding re “clouds of particles” in the air from breathing/speaking/singing/whatever =
Open windows/doors whenever and wherever you can… to keep a good airflow going… and to remove some of the hazard of covid transmission…
and have a mask to hand and don’t be afraid/embarrassed to use it…


Can,t see any travel restrictions in connection with 4th jab being introduced until everyone has at least been offered the jab.It is still only the vulnerable and the over 65,s at the moment i believe.

Provided one is up to date with vaccinations, there shouldn’t be any problem if/when the need to prove a status… begins again.

Sadly, many folk are still anti-vax… and others have refused to have more than the first two…
(I’m hoping folk will get their act together…)

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The possibility of reintroducing the Pass Sanitaire at the Borders is being suggested to be “kept open” … just in case things really turn nasty…
(from what I’ve read, the peak of this wave is expected by the end of July… but just how big this peak will be, remains to be seen…)