France: Fuel Strike and other Actions

Half the problem is people hear these strikes are on then have to fill the car to maximum and containers.
You can’t make it up how much the french like striking, a taste of things to come under a labour government.

Yep you never get any of this solidarity nonsense under a Tory régime do you :shushing_face:


Don’t be silly. Do they have strikes in North Korea?

Just go home Barrie, you’ll be so much happier.


Looks like it will be quiet tomorrow…

I’ve got a ferry booked, nothing on DFDS website yet so fingers crossed

Well I will be at work. Along with certain branches of l’état…

Our village school will be closed due to the staff supporting the strike… but several children are expected to arrive and they will be looked after and well fed… :wink:

Has the petrol blockade spread outside of the west of France ?

You can click on a few of these… not sure how up to date…

I’m wondering about our local prefecture - waiting for an sms/txt re collecting my CdS.
I don’t blame the strikers for standing up for their rights - the govt. don’t seem to have a clear idea of how to proceed, and that uncertainty is the worst aspect.
If the pensions system needs reform, why does ‘reform’ always seem to mean ‘worse for you, better for us - who don’t really need a state pension anyway’?
It’s always the worst off who seem to suffer when ‘economic necessity’ is quoted by those with a nice little (normally tax-free) nest egg of their own.

Yes, with any luck.
Fancy that, people standing up for the rights of others - an alien concept if you vote for the nazsties.

I haven’t had or seen any problems in Burgundy’ did a round trip from Paris to Brittany / Paris all filling stations have fuel

I’m still trying to figure out the complexities of the French pension reforms, but as far as I can establish (courtesy mainly of Le Monde) most workers aren’t in the public sector and won’t be adversely affected. There are actually only eleven of the much cited forty-two pension funds that are classed as ‘spécial’ and thus likely to be adversely affected, but as far as I understand, the government hasn’t yet decided how these might be reconfigured so that people aren’t unduly disadvantaged. However, one of these eleven groups are lawyers, so this might go on for some time!

I found the following analysis useful;-

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We are lunching with a group of French pals on Sunday… so I can question them about “pension reform” - before they start questioning me about Brexit… :crazy_face: