France leading the way in medical advances once again


Oh Yay … let’s hear it for France …

Seriously does this really need the title of France … once again???

It really p****s me off …

The rest of the world is useless … especially the UK … who can’t come up with anything useful …

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Carol… you can always ignore a post, if you wish to do so.

Simply press “mute” at the bottom of the page (where you have several options: “notify/normal/watching/tracking/mute” )

Personally, I am pleased to acknowledge any country which makes such headway… and France does seem to be achieving some interesting/amazing things at the moment. :hugs:


Yes I know I can chose to read and ignore posts do not insult my intelligence Stella.

I have noticed that other members of this forum are, for want of a better word, ‘reprimanded’ for their comments.

What really gets me on here is that if you don’t have the same opinion then you might as well sod off! Which if you assess ‘your’ comments … that’s what you are telling me to do!!

I’m English. Proud of my country. Proud of its achievements and breakthroughs in science and medicine. I’m ecstatic that the rest of the world is achieving for the greater good, France included of course. I detest vehemently the fact that there are so many put downs and berating of the UK it makes me sick to my stomach.

I fail to see where I have insulted anyone’s intelligence let alone reprimanded or told to xxx-off. :thinking:

I can understand folk detesting put-downs etc of the UK but I cannot see how this thread falls into that category. :thinking:


Hi carol.
What exactly are you referring to when you say people are “reprimanded for their comments”?
If you can post a link we would appreciate it?

And @smw was not “insulting your intelligence” , just trying to clarify. So please don’t be rude. Thanks.

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Brilliant advances by the French researchers so much so it was published in the Lancet Journal, that must mean something ?
There are some clever people about, some of them in France too !


Well that is marvellous, good for you, quite right too, but this article is from the BBC (that is the British Broadcasting Corporation, nb British). Where do you see berating and putting-down British, sorry, English science and medicine?
I don’t see any putting down of anyone from anywhere. They even get an opinion from my old college comrade Dr Tom Shakespeare at the end of it. He’s English.

I didn’t read anything negative into the BBC article Carol. It’s all good news.
Though sadly the biggest breakthrough I’ve noted recently in the NHS is the number of junior doctors leaving due to the mendacious Jeremy Hunt (you know the guy who can’t remember his wife’s nationality) ripping them off.

Im reprimanded quite often? :smiley: @Tally-ho
Reprimanding happens! Perhaps its the meaning of ‘reprimand’ that is in doubt? I usually call it being ticked off or…sometimes it is nagging:grin:
I don’t mind.

Ha, ha. Good old France.

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Yes, it was not a great title. I do understand your sentiments. My reaction was very similar.
Why not “Wonderful medical breakthrough”.

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@cat @smw

Please would one of you delete this topic so I don’t have to see the notifications from small-minded idiots who prefer to bitch and moan about the use of the word “France” rather than celebrate the achievement.



Hi Mandy,
Understand your feelings entirely so I suggest you turn the notifications off.

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What’s wrong with blowing ones own trumpet ?

Clinatec,the company involved based in Grenoble are doing great things. They made a breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinsons a few years back and also work in cancer and epilepsy research as well as the work in tetraplegic medecine.

Bravo to them (wherever they are based or funded).=+

Mandy… would you like me to amend the title just a little ?? it is an interesting and important topic which provides hope for many…

As Stella would say. don’t read it.

@james what do you think?

No thanks Stella. I’m happy with the title. This forum is about France and it seems perfectly reasonable to me that we should be celebrating all things French. If some people don’t like it that’s tough.

As Cat has suggested I will just mute notifications.