France power cuts

Hi i was wondering if anybody can help me?My Fiance is ill in France after going to stay in a village over there possibly Concizat,Pettilat or Saint Sulpice-Les-Champs.I am try to locate him as he is quite a bad way due to fractured Jaw and broken leg.But due to him suffering a Power cut all day Friday and Saturday morning i only managed to get to speak to him Saturday evening until Sunday early hours when i lost contact with him online.Could anybody please help me as to whether there was any other power cuts in or around these areas on Sunday til today as i am extremely worried about him and need to find out where he is due to him needing my urgent care.If anybody could help me it would be much appreciated thanks

Try the nearest hospital or a Drs surgery who might give you information. Assuming he has had an accident the Gendarmerie might help too.

You could try asking the Mairie in Saint Sulpice whether there have been any power cuts +33 5 55 67 65 12. Or Patrice Ealey is a SFN member who seems to live nearby but for who FT has no number listed