France Telecom / Orange


We have a little problem, a neighbour of ours took a cement lorry down our narrow road to redo the floors in his house that he's currently renovating. The lorry took out our phone line (which was hanging across the road from the telegraph pole to our house) as a result we now have no internet or telephone at home.

Our neighbour called France Telecom but they have said since our telephone no is not with them (it's Orange) they are not responsible for the line and we need to contact them instead. I thought Orange/France Telecom were the same organisation for this purpose - we got rid of our fixed line as we didnt use it so we now have an internet line for our telephone so without the phone line into the house we now have no internet & no phone. I don't have a contact for Orange and as we're currently in the UK (me only a day away from D-Day of Little Fitzgerald No3) I can't access any of my paperwork.

We thought that it was France Telecom who owns all the external wiring etc...

We want to get it sorted before we get back or my hubby won't be able to work whilst we sort it out. Any help/advice much appreciated.




Try the orange English speaking line.0033 969 363900

Have always found them helpful.

Right I've now tried logging onto the France Telecom/Orange website and it won't accept my old FT client identifier telling me that I need to enter a blinking mobile number or email. I've entered email address but it won't accept that. It now appears everything is done on the Orange site rather than FT - aaargh I'm going mad!