France to deploy 100,000 police to enforce coronavirus lockdown

I don’t suppose we will see many of them round here, unless they are short of their fine target.


quote from tonight’s News… the first Fines will be dished out from Wednesday…

La plupart des automobilistes avaient bien prévu[ leur attestation de déplacement]. Mais d’autres non. Alors les policiers ont gardé le sourire et expliqué qu’il ne faudrait pas tarder à l’imprimer. Les premières amendes pourraient tomber dès mercredi.

Having never seen them anywhere near our hamlet, pretty certain that they won’t be coming up now. Our local “peloton” has a 2-week on / 2-week off share with another building 35Km away. If they’re on the “other shift”, then there’s pretty much zero chance of seeing them within a 20km radius.

It would be nice to think that the prospect/even-very-vague-possibility of falling foul of the Gendarmes will stop folk making unnecessary journeys… whether on foot/bike/car/whatever…

which will be a “positive” in these worrying times… I do like to find a positive angle to as many things as possible… :upside_down_face: :thinking:

Round here you can go for a circular walk of four k and pretty much guarantee not to meet any else at all. If you do, you can turn away and let them pass.
The total lack of understanding that not everyone lives in apartments in large cities and towns is evident in this latest round of Parisian thinking.
We can even exercise our dog in our field and orchard, but if she as much as gets a whiff of a deer she will be off!

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so long as you don’t go “off” after her… all should be well… :upside_down_face: :wink:

We can’t keep up Stella.

If France can magic up 100,000 police officers overnight, how come the U.K. can only manage 20,000 forces personnel.

Things have definitely calmed down around here Stella, no chainsaws in the woods, for example ! :wink:
Apart from my own in my own garden. I heard the neighbour at the bottom of the hamlet mowing his grass (about 800m away), and saw the odd vehicle still out and about, and my Alzheimer neighbour who seems to think that crossing our garden is his new allowed shortcut to what he thinks is his cow field, but isn’t actually. He also doesn’t remember from one day to the next that the country is in lockdown, unfortunately.

Because the Gendarmerie were set up to control the civil population and UK has a police force set up, so they say, to help the civil population.
Being a Gendarme is a good bet when there is unemployment.

The UK have a police service, the word force was dropped a long time ago

Have the gendarmes called in their reserve forces to? I was told by them the have something similar to the home gard