France toys

Just the thing to round up the cats:-

I am sure our schoolteachers had this type of whistle in the playground as well…

And, if I hadn’t seen this, I had no idea this came as an all-in-one product…

There is no UK equivalent for this. I mean, where would you put the stars?

French flags available for about 1 euro too. In big, and bigger sizes.

Yup, I’m procrastinating today when I should be doing something else


What stars?

the stars on the UK flag.EDIT Oops, that’s the Oz-NZ flags that have stars
hard to get stars into a maquillage 3-way strip I would have thought
avantage: France


That’s because the British flag is more sophisticated. I mean, just look at the poor French one. All the right colours, but absolutely zero imagination has gone into the design.



I couldn’t possibly comment.

The Union Flag is a masterpiece of Britishness. It was clearly thrown together by a committee who had individual axes to grind, and with no experience in, or understanding of, design

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They copied the Basques. Maybe :slightly_smiling_face:.
I like the union flag, I like its instant recognisability.


Representation for Wales is severely lacking in the British flag :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Bit like NI - St Pat’s saltire was an English idea

And, while on the subject of saltires, I’m hoping to one day see the Union flag without the blue bits…

I think the Scots are looking forward to seeing their flag without the red bits :joy:


I quite like to see the Union Jack flying upside down… comforting to know that we are all human and can make mistakes… :rofl: :wink: