France warned of Christmas foie gras shortage

Fortunately we have our local supplier…excellent stuff…:grin:

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Never really understood the hype surrounding foie gras, just a very greasy pate to me. Personally, I prefer a normal “mousse de canard”.

@Mark… I do understand …everyone’s taste is different… and the quality can vary amazingly. When we are out and about…we have sometimes been a little disappointed when a product (that we know well) does not meet our expectations…and I’m not just talking about FGras.

We are very fortunate to have excellent local producers for almost anything in the food line…lamb/beef/poultry/fruit/veg/honey/… and all the associated products…:grin:

I’m trying to persuade my neighbour, Josette, to show us non-French how to do some of the local recipes… she makes her own paté and foie gras products… as well as many other delicious and slightly alcoholic offerings… :heart_eyes:

Why anyone would want to eat this disgusting product is beyond me. The production method is akin to torture and the poor birds suffer horrendously over a prolonged period of time. No foodstuff is worth this amount of suffering.


Foie gras isn’t pâté though Mark, it is just liver, lovely delicious liver.


Depends where you get it. Where I get mine the birds are not confined and come running for their rations, counter-intuitive but there you are.

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Yes I’ve heard about farms where this happens.

However, there are millions of birds suffering in tiny cages, in dark sheds and having a metal rod forced into their stomach to deliver unnatural quantities of food. In some cases horrendous injuries are caused to the soft tissues and to beaks. The whole point being, of course, to make the liver as diseased and fatty as possible. Horrendous.

Not actually diseased, it is a particularity of ducks and geese that they gorge when they can and their livers enlarge; put them on a diet, however, and the livers go back to normal.
You can get completely wild foie gras from birds which have been able to stuff themselves because they had uninterrupted access to sufficient supplies of what they like.
Foie gras has been around at least since the Egyptians.

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Most migrating geese and ducks gorge themselves before long flights.

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But instead of allowing it to happen naturally most foie gras producers confine the birds in tiny cages and use horrific force feeding.

I’ve made my point so I’m going to shut up about it now. I just think people should understand how their food is produced so that they can make informed choices.

I do too, before a long drive!


As you say… it is important that folk should understand how their food is produced…I know how the foie gras is produced locally. I have been able to visit and view the whole thing, over the past few years…These are free-range birds which are well looked after (almost cossetted) and I have made an informed choice and am happy to eat the delicious product that comes from this particular Site.


In your opinion.

First World Problems!