France's New Universal Health Care System.....update arrived inbox today

Thought I'd better forward this on for info.....

Hi All,

Thanks Hilary for posting that. It clarifies why my wife and I have waited over 15 months since our application, for our Carte Vitale. The system is far too complex from the front line staff to understand, so they've informed us that:

My Australian born wife is fully entitled to a CV, but as she is deemed to be a dependent of mine, she cannot have one.

I, as a UK born naturalized Australian cannot have a CV, or a permanent number because I have not furnished, amongst other things, my Irish Passport. Yes, you did read it right. They insist on my Irish Passport, even though there isn't one and it is completely irrelevant.

Furthermore, we can visit the doctors and chemists and receive the rebates in our bank account as if we both had a CV each.

Furthermore, I rang the L'assurance Maladie English Language Help Line, and the nice lady there told me that she would assist to the end of the process and not leave me wondering what is happening. She rang back once to hear my story through again, and has since disappeared completely.

Despite all of this, L'Assurance Maladie wrote to me advising me that my application has been approved. Then they wrote to me advising that I was not approved.

My friends advise me that my wife's number is a permanent one, and that she will receive a CV in due course, although this could take another year. My number is for an alien being of indeterminate gendre, and a CV is most unlikely.

I feel better now.


not quite Steve but almost.

they are considered 'partners' in law and not married by law

pacsé(e) = conjoint ?

I meant you had the right idea about being a conjoint collaborateur, thus both are protected in ANY eventuality.

Giving you the rights to health and retirement and training courses. Costs a little more per annum (a few hundred) but well worthwhile.

The only criteria is CONJOINT (SPOUSE)

you couldn't elaborate just a little could you please John



I believe not John. It is my wife & I.

Although we run the business (b&b) together, she is the AE and I am simply her dependant;

Are you suggesting that I could / should change my status to be a "joint colaborateur"?

This does sound sensible.

Hi Geoff, are they a conjoint colaborateur? (an integral part of the business?)

this is very useful hilary - thanks for posting the link.

With regards to the final sction in the article (Dependents) the third paragraph touched on Ayant Droit which John mentions here. I wonder if anyone can confirm whether the dependent (spouse in my case) of a gerant of an AE would still have healthcare cover FOR LIFE if the gerant (registered person) of the AE dies?



no it is 3 months Helen, sorry for the confusion

Hi Hilary et al.

In order to straighten things out somewhat I thought I would add a little comment re this new health law; because I jumped over the moon when I thought that the health system was 'simplifying'.

I rather wondered actually where it was going and how far the state was prepared to protect (health wise) its’ residents. Not to mention that I manage forquite a few clients the process of getting them the carte Vitale; all “win-win” you might say. (Oh how I hear you chuckle)

Not of pensionable age… (Ok), Not working for an employer (right), Not a cross border worker (sounds normal)

I read further….

IF you have any kind of income, we will place a national contributions levy! (Thrice oh!)

I rang them…

Like a pre-retirement? Yes a lady answered and any other income, she reminded me that they have a link with the tax office, she continued that the tax office have the right to access your bank accounts too, new laws. Although rest assured she continued, they won’t ‘tax’ you, that would be double taxation she soothed away (no doubt tongue in cheek I thought)

A few pointers;

The social security system in France has no intention of handing out freebies, if you are already a registered auto-entrepreneur (oops) micro entrepreneur, stay that way, you declare your income here in France and on THAT you pay your contributions. If you partner is not in the business and is already your ‘Ayant droit’ or on your carte vitale, then let it stay that way. If they kick your partner off, call and we’ll help you get that sorted.

If you are starting a business (we help with that too) make sure they are included in the business too.

Your children are in the system under your carte vitale up until 16 years old (if you are making a new claim for attaching them providing they don’t already have a job or asked to leave your cover) and 20 years old if they are already attached to your card.

If students 18 to 20 yrs old then they should not pay anything.

In short, if you have

  • no income (or very little) and
  • need basic health cover and
  • are not employed (even abroad), self employed (directors as well),

its good news.

A thought, have you seen what you have rights to under the basic system in France, hospitalisation of course yes but post treatment, hold onto your hats; the price band afforded to post health care (unless you have a long term illness) is 50 years out of date, so teeth, eyes, hearing, etc.. not that comprehensive after all and you have to dip in your pocket for the rest.

Just be careful is all I say and get advice!

John Dislins

SARL Please Help

ps the retirees of pensionable age is another topic however ;)

The three month ruling presumably takes effect 2 years after a person resides here ? I am now re-confused.

My husband works on a contract basis in the UK. For 3 years he had no contract and so for the first 2 of that time he was covered by the UK for his healthcare here. Eventually during the third year I persuaded him to start the process of becoming Ayant Droit on my cover. Within months of receiving this status he then got a contract in the UK which nullified his French Ayant Droit status.

Does this ruling mean that, should he end up without a contract again, he will after 3 months living back here be entitled to rejoin the French system or will he have to wait 2 years and 3 months ?


My husband retires in May and at the moment we have private health insurance. I wonder if we started the process now to try and get our Carte Vitales under this PUMA at least if there was any delay in getting them on retirement we would already have access and just need to declare his change in status - and may even get some money back from the HI company.

This looks like 'fun'. I saw the details on the site a couple of weeks ago and sniggered a bit. Local bureaucrats will receive it on the trickle down principles in about 20 years no doubt, by which time it will not matter to many of us.