Franco-British Expeditionary Force June 2018

First time I have actually seen a Landing Craft setting its cargo down on French soil… :relaxed: dear old Dad…told me such marvellous tales of derring-do :hugs:

Good to know Franco-British ties are still as strong… :relaxed:

The first invasion force of Brits who are unhappy with the Brexit debacle…

Showing how it will have to be done once the swivel-eyed looneys finally get their way!!!

:joy::rofl: you need to put a few “smiley” thingies otherwise we might think you are serious… :thinking::wink::relaxed:

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Ha ha…That would give too much away… :wink::dizzy_face:

Not quite the invasion of Re 2018 but 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 is being held in Amiens on Aug 8.

The last of the battles of Amiens was effectively the end of the war so the governments of the various allied powers have decided to mark this with an international service of commemoration in the cathedral.
It is being broadcast live and amongst those invited to the service are families of those who fought in WW1, and especially that final battle