Fraud and my experiences with HSBC

I got a call yesterday afternoon from hsbc India…
From the fraud dept…well I discussed the matter with HSBC when
I got home and I found that…apparently 3 transactions were made using
my card to pay for insurance…AA and 2 other companies.
Someone stole my identity several years back to buy hair extensions, hotel rooms and fancy kiddies clothing.
I played detective and found out a lot and provided info and pics for the police in UK…".no they did not have the recourses." Tell the police in France! Why…the crime was totally related to UK !!!
hsbc were not interested either…
No I only got stress and did not end up financially worse off…but to think that HSBC has put me through interigation recently is mad.
Well main point is my card is in my name…If you are purchasing insurance surely it needs to be in the insured s name? Or is this person posing as ME?
Or is this something as crazy as HSBC designing this to get me to close my account?
All very odd…

Well it certainly is not an enjoyable experience…

Our Lloyds Debit card was used to pay for someone’s house insurance and flight tickets. Both transactions clearly stated the name and address (not ours of course)… so I would think the Fraud folk had no problem grabbing the naughty person… we were reimbursed in full.

We always check our accounts very closely…the onus is on us to point out the errors… :grinning:

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Good that your fraudsters were caught.
hsbc do not seem to be interested in catching the baddies.
They are happy to pounce on people like me…

Had my card skimmed a few years ago. They bought lots of computer equipment. The fraud department didn’t seem keen on telling me how it had happened but taking onboard everything they were trying not to tell me it’s likely the deed was done in a petrol station. My money was refunded.
It’s a very common problem…

Lots of dodgy people…and still no way to stop them.