Got a Kindle? Follow this link to find out more about the free books offer.

I just had a look at the link and yes, it seems that you often have to pay VAT of around 70p. Probably because the book is not out of copyright.

However there are sites that offer totally free books. One is and while the books are old, they are free.

Does anyone else have problems getting free books for their kindle? Everytime I receive these links (like the one above) it always tells me that these titles are not available. As My kindle is registed in France. Any advice would be welcome.

(almost) Free e books for those of you based in the USA! Read all about it: Click here for more info… please support this small independent bookseller!

You’re welcome Sarah, here’s another place for free e books thank-you for contributing on Bookworms, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the link. I love my Kindle!

You could find your happiness here;

Both wide range of titles and file formats in English and other languages are offered for free.