Free English books

We have many books that need to go. I believe Emmehaus pulp them and I hope somebody would like them or could tell me where I may donate them. We are on the Dordogne/Lot border, near Villefranche du Perigord.

I have the same problem as I used to bring many books out here when the house was just for holidays and I came out on my own.
I have solved the problem by our daughter taking them back with her to Munich and giving them to the Oxfam shop.
Not much help to you, sorry.

Well thanks anyway Jane - I think we’ll have to start taking them back to the UK!

The Phoenix association (Dordogne) has annual book fairs.
Oops, seems like this year it already happened on 3rd July. Phoenix Book Fair Now July 3rd 2021 - Phoenix Association.
But you could still contact them for next time : Contact Us - Phoenix Association

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Thank you Fleur - I’ve written to them!

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Hold on to next year? At the annual village fetes there always seems to be a stand or two with someone selling their books - perhaps alongside household things. Some of my best finds there. Going rate 1 euro for a paperback, or for 2 paperbacks if someone’s had enough and is going home for a late lunch. More if picture books/coffee table books.

Yes I could wait until next year but to be honest I just want to get rid of them. Get our surfaces back! And we don’t live here so always have more to bring down - you know how it is. Thanks for the advise though - a good suggestion!

When I come over to that part of France I always look for all the book exchange places - in tourist offices, public square, sometimes even bars and cafés - and hoover up new books. We have no British in our area so no demand, so it’s a joy to find them!

How far away are you?

What sort of books are they?

The other side of France!! nearly in Switzerland…

The Emmaus near me puts them up for sale. There’s always loads and lots of variety. Are you sure they pulp them where you are?

Mainly contemporary novels, this is one tower :

I will rehome them for you if you like - I lend and give away a lot of books to my pupils. I am probably an hour and a half or so away from you and can come from the 23rd (of July) onwards.


Thank you Véronique! That would be great and I’m happy to keep them for you. Let me know when it’s convenient for you to collect them.

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Well that’s what I was told, by a volunteer I know…

Better to delete your email address or you will get loads of carp junk mail, send it by P.M.

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Thank you! I have sent you an email, as Colin says it might be wise to delete your address from your message, just in case!

Thanks! Have deleted.

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Sounds like you have found the answer, but just to make one small correction and one small addition.

The Phoenix book sales are held twice a year and they have a warehouse to store them in between.

And Sue Glibbery, who runs a dog rescue, PoorPaws, down not far from Cahors, also has at least one, maybe 2 similar sales too. The proceeds from that are split between the dogs and another good cause, maybe Medicins Sans Frontieres, not sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I would never ever send books for pulping.

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