Free English books

Thank you David. Yes, I have found a couple of people who’re prepared to collect them but I’ll bear your advice/info in mind for when we next have a surplus. And no, I would never ever send books for pulping! Awful thought.

Damn, didn’t even realise that they’d been imprisoned. Sorry. Thought it was a petition thing. :grinning:

Haha - very crisp! They’re on parole…

Emmaus in Normandie certainly does not pulp books. Nor do Secours Catholique shops.

There will be another in October Covid permitting.

Phoenix takes books any time, They have now a network of people who will take them in all over aquitaine I think, contact ( he is in charge of books etc the site is:

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Hi Dominique, you should remove the email address as the persons email may get harvested (there are bots that search the internet for addresses and then sell them) and spammed. Never a good idea to put an email address on the internet.

Merci, mais l’addresse est sur le site de Phoenix so…

ahhhh fair enough!!

So how do you give someone a means of contacting you if you only have an internet contact? Someone replied to a comment I made on You Tube and I wanted to offer him some info I had without him having to pay for it, so was forced to give him my gmail address, no other way. That address is only there for notifications from YT and for contacting one person who seems unable to receive my Orange emails for some reason.

This is not quite what you’re actually asking I appreciate but this reason is precisely why using your example of YouTube, if you go to the ‘about’ page of the creator/ uploader of the video you’ll see this:

The email address is hidden behind a button which you usually have to do one of those infuriating Captcha questions to be able to unlock. They make it more secure than Fort Knox precisely because of bots which scrape the internet looking for any and all emails to then spam, or attempt to hack even so they can be used as part of a spam network. It’s also one of the reasons large companies often don’t have publicly available addresses on their websites anymore, preferring to use contact us forms or such. @toryroo’s advice is very wise, but as you’ve pointed out there are situations where perhaps it can’t be avoided.

If in cases where you can’t avoid it you can also write the email out so instead of you put jobloggs at gmail dot com. Humans can understand this but bots can not!

Well thanks to you both, I never knew any of that but I will certainly follow the advice if the occasion arises again. :smiley:

I’m in 21 département near Chatillon-sur-Seine and have lots of books free to a good home if anyone is nearby…

Similar, are there any charities or other non-profit who might want a few dozen jam jars with lids? In Nth 46, think I’ve got that many if I round them up. Mostly Bonne M, the odd Tiptree

Got back from Germany this evening, I stayed a bit longer than anticipated - I can come and collect when it suits you!

Great! As soon as possible would be fine.

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