services in Charente

Good morning and my first post; so excuse any errors.

I live between Ruffec and Mansle and wonder if anyone has experience with as providing Internet and a mobile phone deal and it,s quality/ customer service. I think that might trigger varying views .

There is a deal from Free for 19,99euros, however as I had decided 3 years ago to disconnect my then expensive France Telecom line, to open it up again will be between 55euro to 100euros for France Telecom to reconnect or 39,90 euros via Free and 35,98 euros for internet plus 2 euro for a portable with 2hours talktime and unlimited SMS per month. So anyone can offer info on choices?


I live in Magnac-sur-Touvre and have the Freebox on "partiellement dégroupé" meaning a fixed telephone line, a mobile number and internet without a subscription to a FT-line. Use it for private and business and ever had problems in al those years. Your choices will depend on the status of the original FT-telephone conecction in your house. Check if your adres isn't "(partiellement) degroupé" meaning open to other providers than FT to provide telephone and Internetservices. I know Free is busy at the moment in our region in that respect. If it's totally "dégroup" then you can also use the TV-facilities of the Freebox.