Free holiday in Ardeche for Dog sitting October

(lulu Cottle) #1

Anyone fancy a few days in the ardeche rent free? just need to take loving care of my dog ‘Willow’. 10 or 11 - 17th October? beautiful area 07230 and lovely dog!

(lulu Cottle) #2

thanks to all of you…
Willow is now sorted for her holiday!

(Amanda Harrison) #3

Hi lulu - I live in meribel with my husband johnny and labradoodle drogo who I think is a friend of your dog?! We would love to housesit but unfortunatel have arranged to go to Sicily next week but please contact us another time as very available!

(sally bland) #4

Hi Lulu,

I Would love to help out another time, I have a female dalmation, Hetts & would like someone to stay with her occasionally too (lovely house, lovely rural spot in the Perigord vert)…

(anon74536729) #5

Hello, Lulu,

I’d love to spend a week out in the country looking after your dog. I live in the centre of Agen and am sick to death of town life and would love to see the Ardeche again. I love walking, and walking with a dog is so much more companionable.

However, I have no means of transport, and so have to rely on public transport. Does this mean that your house and dog would be inaccessible as far as I am concerned?


(lulu Cottle) #6

thanks Josette, I’ll keep you in mind as well, hope you had happy travels and welcome back to france, hot here at the moment!

(Eleanor CHIVELL) #7

Gorgeous hound ! Spoilt rotten I bet !

(josette martin) #8

We would be interested but at a different time: at the dates you indicated we’ll just be getting back into our walls in the Gard after over a year’s absence. If you do this again later send me a note We don’t live far from you I don’t think.

(lulu Cottle) #9

that’s ok she’s been spayed!

(frank charat) #10

Wow !!! What a great deal !!!

(lulu Cottle) #11

Amazing climbing, walking (from house) rivers (cold by then),light for painting, cycling etc … not good for wild night life unless you make your own! Views from house are fabulous with 2 big terraces on the edge of a village, 3 acres of land backing onto the wilds. A lovely spot!

(Jon Allsop) #12

comme elle? est belle !

(Lynne Walder) #13

Aaawwwwww, what a cutie!

(lulu Cottle) #14

(Jon Allsop) #15

coco to his friends! (Zappa song…bien sûr !)

(lulu Cottle) #16

(James Higginson) #17

Cosmik Debris! lol

(Jon Allsop) #18

Hi…is Willow a male or a female? My little dog Cosmik Debris only really likes females…best of luck…Jon

(Lynne Walder) #19

What sort of dog is it?