Free holiday!

Well I tried ‘cat sitter’ as a heading and it didn’t work! The only serious reply, if it can be called that, was a couple of professional sitters who seem not to be too interested anyway!! They seem more intent on whether the the house is suitable for them to stay in rather than asking about the cats!!!

Anyway, let me say: I am looking for a cat sitter to sit my four cats for a week at the end of January. Yes, I know it is winter but the Pays Basque is still one of he most beautiful places in Europe. The house is central heated and there is a log fire if desired.

The cats are minimal trouble requiring feeding once a day and they spend most of their time outside. there is a cat flap so they please themselves. The house large and there is a very big and interesting garden to wander around.

The house is situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees with La Rhune as a backdrop. If you are a ‘walker’ then you won’t find better country than here to walk in. The actual area is St Pée sur Nivelle with St Jean de Luz and Biarritz 20 minutes away. I would expect you to stay in the house at night but the day is for you to explore the area.

I have to say that only single or a couple for the sitting and definitely no children or pets. In the past some have brought their own ‘guests’ for a day or two so that is out also!!

Should you be tempted then please contact me at

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Ken Wheatley

Your part of France is very lovely… in all seasons. I hope you get something sorted. :relaxed:

Did you try the facebook group Ken? People seem to get housesitters very quickly on there.

If only I were young and free - would jump at the opportunity

Sadly I am old, grumpy and tied to a job :frowning:

Tied to a job!!! In that case you are entitled to be grumpy, old you can’t do anything about; and I should know!!!
All the best.

Hi Mandy,
I’m not that familiar with Facebook. (I must be the only one on the planet!!) I did, however manage to type a request on something called ‘International pet sitters’ but as of yet had no replies. There appears to many organisations and groups of sitters and quite honestly I found it all rather confusing!!! A case of information overload plus, as I say, Facebook is something I just don’t know anything about. Thank you though for the recommendation.

OK Ken I understand. There is a site that many of those on the Facebook group I mentioned also use. It’s called Trusted House Sitters and I attach a link for you.
I hope you find someone.

One household in our village has had Sitters for the past couple of years… in fact they go away quite often at the moment (while their health and the money are in good form)…

We have had excellent sitters from this site.

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I recommend

Do consider posting this on the website there; it’s free for folks like you who are posting opportunities for pet-sitting.

I hope SF won’t mind my suggesting this; the website I am recommending, has a good system for vetting potential house- and pet-sitters, that SF would not automatically offer. I think it has what is needed, in this case.

Mary, Mandy and several others who have contacted me, thank you for your help. I have now found a couple who are coming to stay during the period I need cat sitters for. All the way from the U.K. would you believe!

Thank you again for your suggestions.


That’s good news. I’m so pleased you have found someone.

That’s good news. It doesn’t surprise me that you found people from the UK, it’s a bigger draw for them than for many of us already in Ftance.

Guess who? :wink:

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