Free lunch

There is no such thing as a free lunch, is the phrase that infers that if you are offered 'anything' for free, there's probably a catch, a caveat, a sting in the tail, or a con.

It more than likely does ring true for a lot of things, but I have, ( you too perhaps ) subscribed to many on-line FREEBIE offers. The thing is, that I continue to do so, certainly for anything relative to my passion of DESIGN.

This Post is designed, not to create a debate, but to refer others, as to what's out there. A sort of FREEBIE Swop Shop.

We all know that Google offers a host of free...well... anything you want really, web site builders, free analytics tools, gizmos and so on. And long may they continue to do so.

Wordpress templates are FREE and easy to use, and if you don't have your own web address, the hosting is also FREE. offer FREE Flash templates and hosting, if you can bear the annoying ads. ( disappear them for the price of an upgrade)

So whether, you are in business or not, or just for the fun of it, at the risk of stating the obvious, it is, in my opinion, feasible nowadays to do most on line things, without spending a penny NO JOKE.

So, I say, that if it's to get your B and B off the ground, start your Kennel club, it's all there for the taking, I think it would be great for us to build a compendium of links, I think there is money , in these hard times to be saved.

I didn't want to post this in the computer section, or the 'save cash' arena, as I think it's relative to all. In business or not, even if you just want a FREE Vector of a greetings card they are all out there somewhere.

So why is there such a new wave of Good Samaritans, what's the con, what strings are attached. Well, worst case is that some Russian based arch cyber criminals who want your email address, or bank details or to sell you Viagra...will do a very slick clone site to hook you in. Well that's just a fact of life nowadays.

TIP if something looks slick but is riddled with poor English grama (!) don't go there, it will be a con.


If you do come accoss something that looks too good to be true, before subscribing, or downloading. Re-Google the site's name followed by the word SCAM. This will normally take you to a host of different reviews, forums, court cases, or whatever, so double check and read the reviews. If there is anything NEGATIVE, don't go there. But be warned the criminals 'BIG UP' their own sites and products too, so you have to have your wits about you.

On of the biggest tricks, ( and I've been caught out ) is that someone will remodel an App, say, repackage it, do a few 'how to use VIDS' and try and charge you 80 bucks fr something that is other wise FREE any way. Do your research.

You have probably heard of the following:

INKSCAPE A free cross platform Vector Drawing app

GIMP A free cross platform Photoshop wannabe

AVERY this is good! Photoshop effects and tools and some

WORDPRESS Free templates, and hosting blog platform

BLOGGER Google's free blog tool free hosting

I shall not make too much mention of the many free, cloud based Photo tools, I'm sure we all know about PICASSA, Flickr, Tumblr etc etc

I guess I'm really talking about this sort of thing Creative design Magazine

It came into my subscribe feed this morning, OO I thought FREE Xmas Vectors, to be honest I haven't opened anything up yet but chances are that this will have (like most of these offers ) some really good FREEBIES . Good quality too, Free icons for your Blogs and websites , PSD downloads for your sites, a free 'how too' PDF, FREE wallpapers etc.

TIP to be appraised of the best and up to date deals subscribe, and LIKE their FaceBook pages, that way you can see the DEALS as they come up and make educated decisions whether to click in or not.

TIP if you are busy, cut to the chase on these sites and go straight to FREEBIES

TIP Always check the licensing details, you may have to do a link back or whatever

TIP If what you download, say FREE fonts, are for personal use only, and you want to use them on a commercial site or Blog, don't


If any designers of Web folk like myself are thinking 'hold on he's giving all the tricks away'...Well sorry but it's all out there anyway.

If any members think Iam wrong, misguided or otherwise take issue please advise. I shall post this now, in case anyone wants to track down and use a last minute FREE Snow Person Pic, and will be back once I have trawled my bookmarks for some links to FREE hosting, Icons, backgrounds etc etc I may have links to some that you have not seen, if you have then SOZ!

All in all there is such a thing as a free lunch but the wine will cost you, somes it up I think,


I'm not sure, but I think, there ought to be hi res versions, perhaps you have to 'subscribe' or maybe there's a source 'author' where you can download higher res files.

Sorry Neil, I have only joined the site recently, and I 'downloaded the pics' as I thought they would be handy, for screen res stuff.



there is from time to time some 300 dpi pics available, but as you say these are probably just for web use.

Those thar glass shots are quite good only problem is I need some for print not low res web stuff so I will shoot my own.

let's hear it foe to use...grunge up yo Blog!

shall I stop making these posts?

Free Glass not like at the filling Staion!

Hi Tracy, It's been a bit manic here too!

Happy belated! No rush when you are ready.


Hi Ron,

Thank you - sorry I didn't get back top you before but have been trying to attend to Christmas with 2 young children so had my hands very full and tried to keep of computer apart from absolute essentials. Twas my birthday yesterday as well, so just New Year to sort out and then back to the grindstone. 'Speak' to you soon.

It is my last day tomorrow, so I'm not sure I will be available to address some of the issues raised. If anyone does want an informal chat about how to succeed against the odds, track me down, I'm all ears.

free Photoshop swirly things and arrows.

Photos A stock of 15000, access for one year 45 bucks, heavy user?

Flexible all in Wordpress

Williams Saar

is offering some stunning Metal Backgrounds for personal and commercial commercial use, all he wants is a mention on his Flickr page.

There are many here among us who shoot interesting grungy things, myself included. In fact I am probably missing the Marilyn Monroe subway moment whist snapping a rusty lock.

Why don't we get our own background selection going? SFN Freebies? Not difficult to do, with auto focus, the anti DTs hand wobble override, most tripods now being a collapsable mono-peder (sorry Heather );

We're gonna have a resolution issue? (bless you) No, most digi-box Brownie, point and clickers knock out a pic of 10 to 15 megs... my daughter's new Fruitberry has 12 million pixies. More than enough for taking pictures of you and your bezzy mate sticking your tongues out, see FaceBook profiles for examples.


One of my photographers was covering the Fairford air show and did snap the aftermath when a Red Arrow, or Concordski ( can't remember what ) dropped out of the blue into a crowd of onlookers. Hundreds of Paps rushed over ( sensitively ) to help those in need, and journalistically take evidence ( for the benefit of others ) rushing the results to the nearest upload facility, to make the 6 pm copy deadlines in the local news, and Reuters, CNN, Sky etc.

Devastating stuff, but no one had the perfect shot, all stable door stuff. Apart from one little old lady ( diminutive female senior citizen ) had caught the lot, twisty vapour trail, ejector seat, moment of impact, abject terror pic. A guaranteed 'global' front pager. All analogue, but in perfect focus.

It was such a good pic than she took a print to the local Rag, a week or so later. When asked why she didn't bring it in sooner she replied "I hadn't finished the roll off".


LINK to Graphics fuel, the PSD of a Season's Greetings card is a bit late in the day, but scroll down the

'Markers, Wallpapers, Grunge Backgrounds etc. etc., on the right, loads more very good quality Icons etc. etc. You are best advised to subscribe. (in my Hubble opinion) Enjoy. Thanks to the 'likers' BTW, any offerings?

I always take advantage of these mad offers, and I'm happy to surrender my email address. Why not ,they'll sell it on to another outfit, who will offer even more freebies. It's like the tele, you can always switch it off.

If it gets out of hand, open up another FREE email account. I could never understand those people who were 'ex-directory' in the phone book, What's that all about?

1984? get real. Privacy went out the window years ago. Data protection? Medical Records? it's all in the back of a cab being driven round London! on some prat's lost laptop.

They say, that on average, if you go around, in the UK, going about your normal business..pop to the Spar, draw some cash etc. you will be Photographed or video-ed at least 100 times. A scanner zaps your registration plate, they got the lot in seconds, what you done, who you done it with, and where you are going to do it next.

Chill out, what the authorities don't have, is languishing on Mr. Sugart*t's servers, or being mashed by the Google eyed monster anyhoo.

Share and share alike


have I really got to read this?


I guess you are in Blighty?

Neil, not ignoring, your magnanimous efforts in the pre school/scouts thing BTW, great stuff, nice too when it gets results.

Hi Neil, back in the day, like yourselves, we always had to 'pitch'

Feverish activity a whole years ad campaign etc, only to loose out to the existing mob through nepotism, a bung or whatever (possibly). Some used to take advantage. We pitched for Mitsubishi Software. Did a stonking presentation, didn't win!

Next thing, some of the concepts are appearing the press, they settled out of court, they were as Brain would say 'Bum Skags'

Back in France after New Year clebrations.

I do pro bono design for some people such as my daughter in laws pre school group and the local scouts were we procured a quarter of a million pounds of Millenium funding for a new hall and community centre so I do not rule out free work entirely. Also it does get my work exposed to potential clients.