Free - mobile phone service

Does anyone know if free provide a good mobile phone service in the southern Tarn?

Thanks in advance.

I have a friend who was with 'free' mobile. Great in Toulouse but little else where. Eventually he gave up and went to SFR.

Technically speaking. Mobile users need to understand that there are 2 different types of Mobile network. GSM and PCN.

GSM is Global System for Mobiles. These are the high masts that can then give coverage (line of sight) over a wide area. PCN is Personal Communications Network. This service was originally designed for cities as the cells have to be much closer together and the masts are not as high. In the UK it's these 'cell' sites that have caused the most concern because Orange, 3, T Mobile, have sited masts on the top of school buildings and parents have voices loud concerns.

Free and Bougues Telecom use PCN and so when it comes to rolling landscape countryside.........

My advice, best stick to Orange or SFR.

Strange that Orange in the UK are PCN and yet here are GSM.

If you want a good deal on a mobile sim card, get a 3 sim in the UK. Cost £7 per month. Under the 3 new 'feel at home' service you can use the sim in France and make calls as if you were in the UK. The best part of this though is that it roams and so picks up the strongest service. You can be in the middle of no where on Orange and in the city on Free. so it's the best of both worlds. No incoming call charges for friends calling you from the UK.

Only drawback. You have to have a UK address they can send it to and UK bank account they can take the £7 from.

Thank you. Unfortunately, it seems we are a bit too rural to be covered by this!

Thanks for the information.

Have a look at this link, just choose the suppliers name from the drop down box...|coverage

I don't know about the Tarn but up here in Manche my FREE mobile gets better coverage than SFR. Personally love Free, I get my fixed line, internet and tv from them so I get the basic 2€ per month mobile deal for free too so all that for 36€ per month. Always been helpful when I've phoned etc