Free real estate advice - just ask (this is not an ad!)

Hello everybody !

I am a (real estate) buyer’s agent based in Uzès, near Avignon & Nîmes. Most of my customers are foreigners - and they have lots of questions about the buying process, laws, regulations, negotiations, etc - in the French context. So I have written a small book to help out. Nothing like it available elesewhere as far as I know (and I have looked).

I am using this a marketing tool locally (hardcopies distributed in guest houses where prospective property buyers stay) but I thought I could share it beyond. So here I am. You can read its content on a dedicated website (, or ask me for a copy (88 pages, EPUB, MOBI or PDF).

No catch, I promise. Of course, if you need assistance in my area, don’t hesitate to get in touch too (just Google me) :slight_smile: But I would be happy to try & help any real estate question if I can.

With best regards,

Pierre Guillery