Free SEO on your website

I am offering free SEO for any member of SFN. You must be able to edit your own web site or have someone capable of doing this and have FTP access to your website.

I will create an SEO report showing what you need to change the details of your web site so it ranks higher in the Search Engines. I will, after you have made the changes create a second report for you. Showing what other changes you may need to make

All I ask in return is my banner on your web site (Front page, top or bottom).

If you are interested, please email me at:

Or visit my web site for contact details: Search Engine Optimization in France

This is a limited offer!

Hi Steve
I do not have a site but as an “outsider / user” your second banner caught my eye much more than the first.
Thought you might appreciate some feedback.


Hi, great idea! I could do with this for my website. Again what is your banner like and how big would it have to be? My website is, its not finished yet I need to add the links page and translate it but nearly there! Kind Regards Renny

Hi Steve,
What a great idea! I’ve recently made a website and would gladly appreciate the help. Could you please post what your banner would look like?


Yes he’s just told me that! Doh!

I can include it in the newsletter but you might get inundated?

Have tweeted this Steve!

I have shared this link on my Facebook profile Steve and will ask my friends to share it too - I know there are a few here in France that could use the help.

Thanks for this Steve - I had a bit of a problem finding it again there is so much going on on here!
I just want to say a big thanks for getting back to me so rapidly - you were a big help and I’m sure there are plenty more web site holders on here that could benefit from your help. Good luck.