Free Skype conference - beginner level - intenet security

Following the success of last week’s tech talk by @codfather and Steve Morton, they have generously suggested doing a second tomorrow evening.

The topic will be basic internet security covering items such as password management. The video conference will last approx 30 minutes.

If we can get enough people to attend I would hope we could make this a regular occurrence (monthly I think)

So please come and join in, you can just watch if you don’t feel comfortable, no pressure!

I guarantee you will learn something!

Please let me know if you are interested or want to know more.



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Do you plan to send a link out James?

I’m following this guy’s advice and getting my Zoom attire ready.

I’m currently taking no chances and wearing this…

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Yes, I’ll send you a link later this evening, we’re just going to test it first

OK, we just tested Zoom and it didn’t work, so we’re back to Skype tomorrow at 8

Here is the link to join the chat for tomorrow evening

@John_Scully @Mat_Davies @Peter_Goble

I will give it a try

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Great, thanks Mat