FREE spam hitting the internet... Beware!

This could have caught us out… as we have had problems with out Internet reported to you on this Forum. Makes me wonder is “Andy S” is a Forum Member ???


Bonjour xxxxxxxxx

Nous regrettons que vous ayez eu une mauvaise expérience avec nos services la semaine dernière.

Free reconnaît l’effet de cet incident sur la communauté. Nous méritons d’être un membre responsable de cette communauté et nous continuerons à nous efforcer d’activités sans incident. Nous sommes tenus de prendre des mesures pour protéger nos clients bien-aimés.

Comme notre façon de dire désolé, acceptez ce bon de 300 Euro à utiliser la prochaine fois sur votre paiement.



Andy S.
Gestion du service à la clientèle

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Blazing Media - P.O. Box 12006, Ortigas Center Post Office Emerald Ave., 1605 Pasig City Philippines

oh WOW, 300 euros, as a compensation !! With no arguments…haha in this day and age that is a little obvious.

Trouble is… there are folk out there, who Will hit-the button…

An offer from Lidl arrived at the same time as Free… seems we have a bonus from our points … click here and print out the voucher… also from the Philippines… :zipper_mouth_face:

Well I think the P.O. Box and address gave it away :laughing: It’s true though that some people will click on a link without first checking.
I never click on links in e mails purporting to be from PayPal, my bank, insurance provider etc; I go directly to the site to see if something has changed. Then again I do have more time on my hands at the moment due to all this horrible weather :wink:
The thing that I find most annoying, despite being registered with Bloctel, or whatever they call themselves, is the amount of unwanted telephone calls I receive.
There are the automated ones that tell me I have problem with my dossier at such and such a department, the ones that tell me to call a certain number for information on a package that is held for me, blah blah.
Worse are the ‘real people’ who ask my age and if I own my own home! My reply ‘it’s my business and I don’t answer personal questions posed by strangers’ !

Yep, we have to keep our wits about us… just had PayPal with our monthly statement… click this link, it says. This is a real email… but even so, I never click links…

But, you might well be surprised at how gullible folk can be… even those we thought were quite astute… :wink:

Yes Ann, i get a few of the Paypal things, and do the same as yourself.

The rest - all about collecting data on people for marketing… and to call you to ask you…damnn cheek.