Free Tapas in the Languedoc!

If I had a euro for the number of times I've come across some half-baked financial 'advice' - the majority of which is conflicting and, quite often simply wrong - I'd be a rich woman. Friends and acquaintances have opinions; blogs and forums have anonymous 'experts' - happily here on SFN we have some professional Independent Financial Adviser's (IFA's) who are happy to be stand up and be counted!

Fellow SFNer Rob Hesketh is one such professional IFA; he lives and works in the Languedoc Roussillon. Rob's got together a group of financial industry experts to explain topics such as Assurance Vie, QROPS, structured products, currency transfers and much more. The seminar is entirely free of charge and comes with a promise of no pressure / coercion or hard sell at the end.

I've been to one myself and I can vouch for this. If you want advice, it's there. But that's it! Apart from the free wine tasting and tapas of course....mmm!

I think this is a great opportunity to listen to professionals in their own fields explaining exactly what they can do for us and our hard earned cash. Rob has also booked a really nice venue which will make the session even more enjoyable.

Besides, just think how authoritative we can be at dinner parties after this...

So all you need to do is reserve your free place is email Rob on and you can find all the practical stuff, time, place, date etc. HERE.