Freebies and Special Offers thread!

Given that every time you fill up the car or venture out to the shops, it costs more than the last time, I thought it might be good to start a Freebies and Special Offers thread?

Obviously a lot of freebies are "UK only", but if you have a UK address you can get stuff posted to - why not?!

And we are all on the look out for items which are "en promo" - so please post them here!

Here's one for starters...

Given your recent experience of popping out in the car Catherine - it's best you stay in!

We inadvertently forgot the Mother in Laws Christmas gift and so paid an urgent visit to Interflora online the other day - now this is a good one to bear in mind... it offered us a box to insert a money off code - so I googled it - came up with one and then popped it in the box with fingers crossed - she got a free box of choccies and a bottle of wine with her order - there was another code for £9 off - but being the day before Christmas eve and feeling a little generous due to lashings of Christmas port we opted for the more generous solution of "adding to our gift" would recommend anyone to google money off coupons before shopping online - Ebay and M&S also have the same thing!