Does anyone know of the contact details for an English speaking lodge that meets in Agen, or in the Midi-Pyrenees ( Gers ) locality. Please help my Dad who is moving out here soon.

Late heads up dad finally by "stalking" i.e.standing outside the lodge in Agen at the right sort of time of day and acosting someone who he thought looked likely got sorted last year, so if anyone else wants details PM me and I will pass you Dad's details.

Thank you Bryan ,

That's the email that doesn't reply but I have told dad to try the phone.

I guess he will work out what he wants. I will let him know all this.

Claire your Dad might want to read this before looking to join in France!!

French freemasonry

Looks like the French Grand lodge might be in trouble!

Dad has tried emailing the contact that is online for Agen but no reply , it looks to be a dead email. He has also emailed Grand Lodge in the Uk but also no reply. He will try to make further enquiries after he goes back from this break over here with us now. Thanks for trying to help anyway Jacqui.

Albi is quite far, we are based in Montreal du Gers, but if it is an English speaking lodge it would be good to know. It could be a starting point. thank you Karen

Claire has your Dad thought about asking at his own Lodge? They should have contacts for Lodges and affiliates all over the world. I'll ask my Dad too and see if he has any ideas. Will get back to you.

I have friends who are freemasons, they go to Albi as far as I know, whether it's all in English I don't know, but happy to ask if it's close?

Hmm I know what you mean but it's not a secret society, it's a society with secrets. I will keep asking.

It's all so secrative by its very nature! I know lions etc isn't the same thing but someone there is bound to know/be a member of the/a lodge and be able to point you in the right direction unless of course there's a member of the lodge amongst us :-O

Good hunting!

Thank you Andrew Iwill show him that when he gets back from his DIY job. I strongly suspect Lions are not what he wants. I know there is an English speaking lodge in Agen but the contact details are hard to find.

That's going to be a tough one Claire, try this for starters:

He might want to try with the local lions/rotary group first

Just a thought