Freesat box

What is a reasonable ( uk channels ) set top box. and where to get it. regards Bill

Hi Michael. Just had a look at the Qviart Undro. It looks interesting, especially at the price I've just seen it advertised (£149) - albeit that one has to use an external hard drive for recording purposes. Could you explain how you can get it to unscramble sky? Private message me if appropriate.

The best i have found is the Qviart Undro.

Odd name but it does all the humax does plus android applications and you can get it to unscamble sky

Hi Bill... anything around the 50 euros mark should provide reasonable HD quality uk tv.

You can buy a Humax freesat box for several hundred euros, with an integral hard drive for recording programmes (they are very good picture quality)... but a cheap and cheerful one is OK too. I bought an OPTEX ORD 9540-HD - €49.99 from Brico Depot - for use with a second TV. A bit cheapo really ...but does the job.