Freesat, Sky and the Astra E Satelite


How are people finding their reception of satellite TV from the UK these days ?

As many may know, Freesat and Sky switched to a new Satellite (Astra E) in Feb 2014. This tricky little devil has a much tighter "footprint" for UK and Ireland, as shown here

In theory that should destroy reception south of the Loire. indeed that was probably their deliberate intention.

Have people found they need to buy a bigger dish, have lost the signal entirely, merely needed to shift the disk a bit or have had no problem ?

This interesting map has appeared allowing people to state how the signal is where they are and what they are using to pick it up

Any views, suggestions or experiences ? One chap posting on the map, stating the reception has improved where he is (Lot & Garonne - 47) commented "We suspect any number of senior execs at the BEEB with second homes hereabout have been whinging to the Techies. Something has changed and it's not the weather! " Interesting, and quite plausible, point.

The good news is that Astra E is due to be there for 15 years so if you get it working it should stay stable for some time.