Freezing Half Way Through Thread

Is it me or do the longer threads freeze, I assume waiting for ads to load? Can anybody tell me how to get to the final pages without scrolling through all of them (as interesting as they are)?

You can tap onto which page you want to go to or the date.
When posting it often freezes and I leave and come back again to have it return to normal, thought that was just me and my phone?

I would just click my cursor on “1m ago” to flip to the latest comment…

Thanks Stella and Corona, voila, still learning about this great forum :+1:

Yes thank you Stella, it was @toryroo who pointed that out to me, before that it was very frustrating with it repeatedly bouncing back up to the top. There is not this problem with some other forums but, having learned how to do it I do appreciate the continuity instead of loads of different pages.

Another way is to become a subscriber to SF which will remove the adverts altogther, if that is what you would prefer.

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