Freezing Yorkshire Puddings

My beloved is doing a British meal for her reading club next week - and today is the last day of me being able to make the Yorkshires.

Can anyone recommend a method for freezing them ready for next week please?


I don't believe there is such a thing as frozen confit, you're just pulling my leg.

I LOVE Yorkshire pudding but I make it in a big dish rather than individual ones (like Toad in the Hole without the toads, T in the H v delicious too...). You need good dripping & juices to make it heavenly. Very good my children say heated up for breakfast the next day... in a thin metal dish or a cake tin it puffs up v satisfactorily & you still get the stodgy gloopish bit in the middle.

Amazingy YES Véro !

Aunt Bessies are 'mangeable', juste !

Hope there wont be any 'trubble 't moulin' !

They do. It's a tragedy, on a scale of frozen confit de canard I'd say.

Coin Coin

Are there really frozen Yorkshire puddings? Does anybody buy them? Really?

Home made are ALWAYS better than frozen Aunt Bessie's. Even if they are flat, and/or soggy. Still better.

They aren't allowed in our house. :)

Thanks Anne. It all started when my Mrs suggested going to the English shop in Chabanais to get some. It was stronger than me, I had to make them.

I'll teach one of the lads though. Now where is that flat cap, me whippet and me Woodbines just to get them in't mood?

I have pre-made Yorkshire puddings before now. Haven't frozen, but they were for just the day after.

turned out great - better than cooking from fresh actually.

Yes, the Law of Sod....

Making Yorkshires can be a hazardous business !

Too onerous my friend. If it goes wrong, twill be my fault.

Why not simply teach young Nat to do the Yorkshires ?

(or is that too obvious ?)

Thanks for that. Sounds simple enough for even me to get right.

You just have to let them cool and pop them in the freezer. My kids swear that they are crispier when reheated. :)