Freezing Yorkshire Puddings

(Nick Ord) #1

My beloved is doing a British meal for her reading club next week - and today is the last day of me being able to make the Yorkshires.

Can anyone recommend a method for freezing them ready for next week please?


(Véronique Langlands) #2

I don't believe there is such a thing as frozen confit, you're just pulling my leg.

(Véronique Langlands) #3

I LOVE Yorkshire pudding but I make it in a big dish rather than individual ones (like Toad in the Hole without the toads, T in the H v delicious too...). You need good dripping & juices to make it heavenly. Very good my children say heated up for breakfast the next day... in a thin metal dish or a cake tin it puffs up v satisfactorily & you still get the stodgy gloopish bit in the middle.

(Peter Bird) #4

Amazingy YES Véro !

Aunt Bessies are 'mangeable', juste !

(Peter Bird) #5

Hope there wont be any 'trubble 't moulin' !

(Nick Ord) #6

They do. It's a tragedy, on a scale of frozen confit de canard I'd say.

Coin Coin

(Véronique Langlands) #7

Are there really frozen Yorkshire puddings? Does anybody buy them? Really?

(anon93167035) #8

Home made are ALWAYS better than frozen Aunt Bessie's. Even if they are flat, and/or soggy. Still better.

They aren't allowed in our house. :)

(Nick Ord) #9

Thanks Anne. It all started when my Mrs suggested going to the English shop in Chabanais to get some. It was stronger than me, I had to make them.

(Nick Ord) #10

I'll teach one of the lads though. Now where is that flat cap, me whippet and me Woodbines just to get them in't mood?

(anon93167035) #11

I have pre-made Yorkshire puddings before now. Haven't frozen, but they were for just the day after.

turned out great - better than cooking from fresh actually.

(Peter Bird) #12

Yes, the Law of Sod....

Making Yorkshires can be a hazardous business !

(Nick Ord) #13

Too onerous my friend. If it goes wrong, twill be my fault.

(Peter Bird) #14

Why not simply teach young Nat to do the Yorkshires ?

(or is that too obvious ?)

(Nick Ord) #15

Thanks for that. Sounds simple enough for even me to get right.

(Bernadette Kirk) #16

You just have to let them cool and pop them in the freezer. My kids swear that they are crispier when reheated. :)