French Air Force - Planes in general

Do any body now what the are up too tonight the are flying around France serval Times now allot of planes I can see on flight radar that they they have there flying tankers up to that’s not normal when they are not abroad ore in combat

Hi Martin…

where are you at the moment ??

and what flight radar are you using ??


They often take off from Bordeaux and fly over our house on their transit routes to intercept aircraft. We also see them doing the air to air refuelling quite often. Nothing new only now you can hear them and maybe see them which is something during normal times you probably wont. Yesterday there was 2 of them practising aerobatics over the house. As General aviation is grounded at the moment this will become a common occurrence as they can use the G class airspace more often.


Ha ha… hopefully the planes Martin tracked were not up to anything “secret”… 'cos the cat is out of the bag now… :roll_eyes: :scream_cat:

Gosh, still a lot of people flying!

very little over France though…

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Very few aircraft! The cargo flights really stand out now. These are my Flightradar receiver stats (‘aircraft seen’ means those detected by the receiver in a radius of up to 90nm or so). I used to get over 800 aircraft seen per day.

Here, a video of an A330 de l’Armée de l’Air (v. long link) :[20200331_NL_CORONAVIRUS]&een=12eb553ac7fee39a649a4aa0eda05c76&seen=6&m_i=5VZ5U4wgOYcWYCBYJD_y8UbeCFRhTm9057RbY9zMi96qRhxMar6OdwNpFiksYx9eIvI0oyxQMrItMG2DCY8NQQ%2BFCh9exRsD5b

The majority of A/C seen increase in the afternoon as they are coming in from other parts of the world. In normal times at this time of the day are the charter meatboxes ferrying human cargo. Now you will only see a majority of normal cargo flying back and forth.

Does that mean mange tout and flowers from Kenya etc.?

Fleur… I looked at the site and, in comparison, France has few flights… or certainly fewer than elsewhere… as per my screenshot… :zipper_mouth_face:

Our skies are blue and uncluttered… yippee… long may “thoughtful/essential-only” flights continue

I totally agree! Taxes on aviation fuel in the future would be a good idea.

Aviation fuel is taxed.

Something like that

Not everywhere.

They are top-secret Euro-airforce stealth cargo planes flying robot aided troops to secret bunkers in the mountains or at the bottom of lakes whence they will pop out in due course to protect the current political élite (who are already there, having been replaced in public life by lookalike androids where necessary) and subjugate the feral hordes who will be roaming the streets and countryside after a couple of years of lockdown.


A bit if misunderstanding here. As a pilot of a private aircraft (AvGas - petrol), i pay tax on my aviation fuel along with other GA pilots. The airlines should but dont and the EU doesnt chase them for it. The commercial aviation sector dont pay taxes on fuel drawn for inner EU travel, but do when travelling outside the EU. So after Jan 2021, there will be taxes raised and paid for all traffic flying into the UK thereby raising the cost of air travel. Whether the UK will allow the exemption remains to be seen.

Time to bug out methinks. :rofl:

As always, more detail reveals the subject to be more complex than it seems at first sight, so many thanks for your explanation, and long may you continue flying!

I feel that, after all this, it’s likely that air travel will be less attractive, more expensive and lower in volume for a while at least. I’m thinking of airlines’ in difficulty, Boeing’s problems, ‘green’ measures, potential moves by certain countries to protect their population and national assets from being overrun by destructive tourism, and for the UK, Brexit.

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