French Appliances


We are moving in to our new place in Bordeaux on Monday. We need to purchase all our appliances but want to purchase a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and microwave in the next couple days. I used to work for General Electric Major appliance business group but the washer especially is quite different from what I am used too. I always research by customer reviews but am at a disadvantage here, with the exception of IKEA, I have not found any reviews.

Would appreciate store recommendations and brands if possible. We will only be here 4 years so we don’t need Bosch and Meile which are probably very expensive. We are near a Darty and also saw some appliances at an Auchan.

Thanks for any and all advice and suggestions…



Thanks to all who took the time to respond. With mixed reviews we still went with Darty. I flew back to the states on Thursday but my husband said they were promptly delivered this morning. He sent me pics and a message, “no more crunchy clothes”! Our landlord was coming home when they arrived and made fun of the fact that Americans need large refrigerators! I think it looks rather skinny!

Anyhow, we are grateful for the prompt replies. Flying to Bordeaux for the first time to see where we will be living, spending 4 hours getting my visa, unpacking our shipment and buying all the Appliances among other things plus 3 days at the Fete Le Vin was a little overwhelming! Well not the wine festival. Loved it!

I think these days the after sales service and guarantees are more important than brands. Most things are assembled by small children in China and nothing seems built to last. I doubt very much whether any appliance bought today will still be going in 20 years!

"Catering standard" is no guarantee either. We bought a professional standard Kitchen Aid designed for heavy duty use and despite only using it at home, it had broken after 13 months. And yes, the guarantee lasted for, wait for it, 12 months! Kitchen Aid were absolutely appalling in terms of customer service and as a result, I would never buy another.

Must have been unlucky with Darty.

Seem to be unluck with French appliances.

Most of my kitchen equipement lasted for ages in UK...but some of it was catering standard

which is built to last.

Have used Darty several times and had all small aplliances and vacuum cleaner delivered next day. Very pleased with their service....

Sorry to ask so many questions but with the language barrier I want to make sure I know what I am asking for. What is the proper term for Frost free refrigerator/freezer? I have this type in the US and assuming I should purchase the same in France as well?

By the way having a great time in Bordeaux!..Fete Le Vin might have something to do with it!

Darty indeed; competent people, good service, good after-sales-service too when you need it. Prices are average but if you buy the whole list you ccan haggle a bit. Home delivery and installation at no extra costs, brand and price ranges from low end to high end. (am not employed by them :-))

Discounters often have only older models (important when looking at the energy labels) which are indeed cheaper.

Big brands like Bosch, Siemens etc were great once, but are now merely brand names, bought by manufacturers. Try Fagor, a Spanish produced brand.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. We re going to pour over the Internet tomorrow and make some decisions as we move in Monday! Thanks for your help. We will look at Miele!


If your budget stretches to it go for Miele. We have a washing machine that is 20 years old and still running perfectly. They're indestructible. We have also used Darty and rarely had any problems. But as they won't deliver to us (too far away) we tend to use them to find what we want if it's big appliances and then order locally.

What about Mr. Goodeal in Merignac?

oohps Darty was not a recomendation it was a mad series of events for a comedy

on TV.

What happened?

Well they eventually arrived after screaming at me on the phone Can not find you!!!!
When they stopped to listien...AND let me direct them they were here in mins....all 3 of them.

Refusing to put things together...Not their job and then putting things on wrong.

Leaving the legs on the cooker wonky as they had attached them without the metal¨PLATES.

DANGEROUS. wobbly cooker.

Back to Dart shop^40k away.

Next 2 CHAPS COME SOME DAYS later and agree disaster

10 more days for another cooker.

No thanks money back please.

Yes in 4 weeks.

No to C.E.M ALSO

oohps....YES YOU DO NEED Bosch.

Nothing seems to last and watch out for good after service.

We have had big probs with cookers....C E M


Be very careful.

One cooker we had lasted a few months!!!!
MAYBE it is a now thing.

I second the Darty recomendation , their delivery service is good also.

We’ve always had really good experiences with Darty and I would definitely recommend them. They are usually pretty competitive in price too.
Can’t comment too much on brands but our washing machine is Brandt and I’m very happy with it. Four years old and still going strong despite being used at least once a day!