French Bank Account

I have a ‘conventional’ bank account with a well known French ‘rural’ bank. My pension from the UK is paid into this and I use it to pay all the rates, insurance, water, 'phone etc;. Like most French banks it’s charges are high, it’s not very effecient and I need an (expensive) card to draw money out. I have now opened an online bank, Boursorama ( there are others ) I have a cheque book, card and all my banking is free. I use a transfer company to exchange my £ - euros from my British bank so pay little commision. It notifies me by sms when the account is used above a certain sum. This allows me to keep a strong control and stops fraudulent use.

I am very happy with it’s services, I keep a minimum in my convential bank (for the moment) and have cancelled it’s card therefore saving a large fee.

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Any Bank which is not very efficient, needs sorting out…

We’re all different with our needs and expectations…in a similar situation to Ann Coe… I would suggest a talk with your Local Banker to explain what it is that you don’t like, or find infuriating etc…and maybe it will get sorted. Not always, but it can be done… :wink:

If it doesn’t get sorted… then, thankfully there are lots of other Banks (off and on-line) to choose from and it has never been easier to change Banks than it is today…:grin:

Did try that Stella, had a discussion with the Manager about the problems I had encountered. I speak reasonable French so no problems, he was unhelpful and even said English banks are no better !
I did warn him that he would lose a lot of my business as I would go on line. He had the nerve to say ‘Oh but then you wouldn’t have a personal service’ . I laughed all the way to the Internet !


Another alternative is to use the Post Office banking service ------ La Banque Postale.
The account charges are very reasonable, and there is no charge for a cashpoint card. Full online banking services are available, as well as personal advice from a ‘Conseilleur’ at the local post office.
There is also a full range of other allied services available such as a top up Mutuelle for health insurance, plus the various other types of insurance such as household, motor, and funeral expenses, all for a very reasonable cost. All in all I think that they give a good service at a reasonable cost, especially when one considers the value of the travel insurance which comes free when you buy tickets using a Banque Postale debit card.
P.S. By the way. No, I don’t have any financial interest in drumming up trade for La Poste.