French books for infants

Hi everyone,

Please can you recommend some good infant 2-6 year old French children's stories/characters.

I'd also love to know of any French based bargain online book clubs you've come across which might be cheaper than Amazon or offer free delivery?



Thanks Yvette - will look out for these - the music CD sounds great too.

I would use the library in our village but as we're not there much I'd end up having the books out for 6 weeks at a time.

Hi Suzanne

My girls love Tchoupi books which were recommended by my sisters in law who are both teachers. We also go to the library and they have a library at school but there is nothing else they really love. We do read more English with them at home though.

I would really recommend a music album called Bête et Mechant by Oldelaf - it is written for children and tells the story of a small boy who learns not to be mean to insects but it is very funny, pretty dark and a wide range of different types of music for all the animals. The ladybird is slow and sweet, the fox is sly and funny, the oyster suicidal and the naughty cats headbang. It also has all the tunes without lyrics for the children to sing themselves. Cannot recommend that highly enough - it's improved my french, my children's instrument detection and made a welcome appearance on many car journeys! We all love it!