French bulldog

Is there anybody out there who has owned a french bulldog or has one now , We have owned two dogs in the last 30 years both gun dogs , it is about time to get a new dog , I can no longer tolerate the stress of an escapee dog ! in search of adventure , We both love the look and manner of a french bulldog , When reading about them you could easily be put off owning one , what we would like is the real nitty gritty of a french bulldog in our home ! hope to hear from someone soon ,thanks Chris ,

I've always thought they look like wonderful dogs but have never actually known one; one of my friends has had two which she adored but says she'll never have another as they both died young of breed-related problems and she can't bear to go through all that grief again.

Hi Chris, my friend has one and had a litter of puppies 9 weeks ago, they are beautiful dogs, they have one pup left, if you want any info please contact me.


This made me laugh!! We have two Beagles and I said the next dog I would like would be a tan coloured French Bull Dog!! Like you hounds tend to do the opposite of what they should be doing!!! Maybe that is what we like at the end of the day ?!? However my daughter happened to mention yesterday that French Bull Dogs have problems with their noses and back end due to there shape… We are still doing research like you!!! Let us know how it goes xxxx

topic is a little bit old, but if you want to experience the french cliché of living in your french house with your french bulldog, I adopted one 4 years ago.
Watching him trying meditation, I now understand why they called a french bulldog

If we have the reputation for being lazy, he is guilty.

If you want a mountain bike dog, a running dog, a sports dog, never buy that ! If you want a real cute pupet friend that can finish your plate full of charcuterie and the end of your beer, adopt one.

They are really cute and lively, they tend to prefer long walk regarding their flat nose. They can’t do too much cardio things. They deal really nice with being into a house or a condo during a full day.

They demand a lot of affection and attention. Every morning before going to work, I play 5 minutes with my dog in the garden to frisbee, and I walk with him 4 kms every day.

The bad sides…They fucking snore loudly ! Tune up the volume on your TV. And when they fart, man you gotta run fast. It is painful for the eyes and the nose.

Anyway, it is a really funny and kind dog. I would recommend it to every person that is looking for a funny caring dedicated dog.

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