French Citizenship

Frances I totally get it - difficult for non-Europeans.


I don't think Neanderthal man ever had any money, so wrong choice of epithet. Yes I have already accepted being an old cycnic, but there also speaks the voice of experience and looking at human nature.

Unhappy? Possibly as with many things in life that have been disappointing, and coming back to the issue, I haven't seen many (any?) politicians who have made me any happier.

And there speaketh Neanderthal man - you are an old cynic Norman - possibly an unhappy one!

Well Frances,

call me an old cynic but I would say Mr Right is the man with the money -anything else is a bonus.

It has changed over the years Norman, as I have changed. Simply someone with whom I can be happy for the rest of my life. The recipe for that would depend on many different factors between us. I'm a bit of a slow learner but Mr Wrong is getting easier to spot.

Frances, I'm always fascinated by this 'Mr Right' business or 'Miss Right' for that matter.

What for you would constitute a Mr Right?

One thing I am convinced of is that this thing called 'love' has nothing to do with it, probably because it doesn't exist.

The first three , as Simon asked are spot on Frances, well said. The first is by far the most important.

I'm sure someone will come up with Schengen - this Convention is pure b******t and has been totally inored in my experience.

You need to go to the appropriate office (for me it the Bureau d'Etrangers ' in Limoges if I recall) and enquire. There will be a big backlog now especially with the huge increase in North Africans and others seeking naturalisation.

Re - the interview : The gendarmes turned up in the early evening without warning so don't be surprised if you get an impromptu visit !

You never know what can happen in your life. Some countries don't offer portable pensions etc. I don't see why one should relinquish another nationality. One can in good faith make a commitment but I know only too well that life and one's nation don't necessarily reciprocate the commitment. I know what I'd like but I won't necessarily get it.

Thanks Peter but how long before you got any form of acknowledgment or an interview? I've had nothing in 4 months to even prove the ball is rolling.

  1. To be allowed to stay in France
  2. Removes barriers to employment of a foreigner
  3. Right to live and work in Europe. Unemployed Europeans can go anywhere in the EU to find work - what a huge advantage in life.
  4. Voting is a minor luxury after the first 3.
  5. Easier for children to become French later on if they wish

What are the top 3 benefits of French citizenship / nationality?

It takes at least 18 months around here nowadays Frances. Naturally being France the paperwork and documentation required is mind-boggling. The most expensive part for me was the official translator for the paperwork. The 'interview' was a visit from two local gendarmes who shared homemade cake and coffee with us for a very convivial twenty minutes of French conversation.

Norman, 25 years ago the delay was about 3 months (in this area) and about 15 years ago it was about 8 months but now the delay is about 18 months in this area. The demand for naturalisation has mutiplied many times over and the already slow pace of bureaucratic life has becoe even slower with government cutbacks etc. Departmenrts are being streamlined just about everywhere so retired employees aren't being replaced at the same levels.

Are there rules about income? As a happy painter it never occurs to me much, to be concerned about having loads of dough. My Brit OA pension plus extras from sales, will never get anywhere near the French required breadline income, but I havnt any need for subs from the government. A tiny bit of land and tiny house are the sum total of worldly a heap of dosh obligatory? Checking the 'livret' right now...thanks for your thoughts, Norman.

It sounds OK, Veronique, not wasp in jam-ish...but why do you think that?

Is there something in the paperwork that requires a commitment, that can't be made honourably, as long as someone feels they may want to return to their homeland and original nationality? What IS 'Nationality' by definition?

Thank you, Brian..I suppose it would be a good idea to investigate carefully, outcomes of signing up to belong to a couple of extra nations, even if only wartime seems to make any of it matter much....

I'm probably going to be the wasp in the jam here, but I think if you apply for citizenship in a country to which you have immigrated, then you should relinquish your original nationality or leave it as it were dormant, since you have actively chosen to acquire another nationality. I am aware that this doesn't sound very nice coming from someone who has dual nationality by birth, but it is what I think.

Jeanette, you can be multiple nationality, usually by where you apply not knowing you have dual (or more) but only your birth nationality. The most I have known is triple but she knew somebody with quadruple...

There are so many sayings Robert and, at the risk of sounding mega sexist , 'you don't look at the chimney piece when stoking the fire !' etc etc

I can promise you something, life for me started at 60 - never had so much fun !!