French CT test and chassis numbers,

I have a 54 plate Discovery td5 which I plan to CT and re register here, the chassis VIN number is practically unreadable however being originally lightly etched on at the factory in a series of letter and number forming dots, I have cleaned up the area , removed underseal and wire brushed then wiped down with petrol , i'm now back to bare metal but can't actually make out the numbers due to the very light pitting in the area, is it a ct failure not to be able to read the numbers on the chassis, the screen ID is of course clearly visible. Thanks in advance for any light shedding. Russ

I think it depends on the tester. You could of course, quite legally just get a new plate made.

Can you define them better with a sharp punch? It could be a fail otherwise, dependent on the tester of course.

Thanks Melissa but the numbers are so vague they wont show up on a photo.

Hi David, thanks for that, I have read somewhere that if the vehicle is pre 81 that is ok and the vehicle won't fail for unreadable chassis vin markings , but not so for post 81 vehicles, but I am not 100% on that.

I had a 1977 VW that was missing the VIN plate and manufacturers plate. This was noted on the CT but it wasn't failed because of it.

If you can take a photograph of the chassis number you have revealed (by which I presume you mean the VIN number , of 17 digits according to the manual, which you may be able to find more clearly elsewhere on the vehicle e.g. under the bonnet or on a door) then that should be good enough - if they look vaguely the same.