French Door Friday 13 November

Moving south to Basque country. Is it the only country in the world to have it's own typeface?

There is never enough to know. Knowledge is like fine wine. Apart from which, I like both doors/gates and typography very much for their beauty and diversity.

Brian, you know too much! Elaine, could be anywhere - France is our oyster - just a small problem of selling the house!

That is beautiful.

Where in the PB are you moving to Neil?
We are near St Palais.

Nope, many countries have their own typeface or at least used to. You need a socio-linguist to answer but I know that there are 46 main basic alphabets in use in the world but several thousand variants. Irish orthography is based on Ogham that has evolved into Gaelic script that partly adopts the Latin script form.

Has nowt to do with doors though. (Slams and leaves thread!)