French Door Friday 27 November

Church door.![](upload://8FG6wCr1kDvrOVazhXer7zJRWQ7.jpg)

You never know, we might take you up on that one day Neil!

A small town on the on the river Adour - Saturdays and Tuesdays are market days. There is a new mediatec centre and some good cafes of course. Give us a call and we can meet up.

We live west of Pau but have never been to Aire sur l’Adour. Looks like one for the list for a day out next year.

Aire sur l'Adour just north of Pau. It was renovated five years ago and has an amazing interior with all the stonework highly decorated.![](upload://rgUBB1Wh2vXkkpxGzXTB2At5es2.jpg)![](upload://6aCMnq86sLNNTNHFsbPlQUU1qyS.jpg)