French driving licence renewel

Need to start again has anyone renewed a FRENCH driving liecence any time in the last year is how did they go about it because the system has been changed

Are you having a laugh David - you’ve already been given the links on your duplicate thread? Here’s one again…

You do it online using the link Simon has posted. Can’t be done at the Prefecture any more it can only be done online via the ANTS website. Just follow the instructions on the website.

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I’ve done this (almost). Sent off all the papers and got back the OK after five months. I now have an attestation stapled to a copy of my UK licence pending tha arrival of a french one. So far so good.
The attestation is valid for six months still, (not a good sign that the french replacement will be issued soon) and I’d like to know if
a) I can drive abroad with it (like in the UK)
b) How do I hire a car abroad with this.
Am I confined to driving only in France in 2019??

I am a little concerned because my UK licence (not a copy)was sent with the file to Nantes :rage:
Had I known the procedure would take so long I would have waited.
Anybody else in the same boat, any advice apart from just wait?

This thread is about renewal of a French driving licence not the exchange of a UK licence for a French one. Suggest you check out this thread (or one of the many others) and post your questions there. Hope this helps get the answers you want.


Opps, my brain is getting cranky the closer we get to BD
Thank you Mandy

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For how long is a French driving licence valid?