French Elections

The French election campaigns are gaining momentum. In essence they are are predictable and offputting for most French voters, so it may seem a blessed relief to those of us without the vote that we need not get involved. However, once it is all over and as soon as new legislation displeases even European immigrants, the accession of full voting rights to all EU citizens will no doubt become current again.

France is one of those countries with a vast store of demographic and statistical resources. I have had a brief look at some of them. They have accumulated quite comprehensive pictures of EU citizens who would be given franchise. Without breaking it down by national groups we find that the vast majority would potentially vote just to the left of centre through most shades of liberal to left and 'alternative' (plenty of rural Greens, for example). The extremes of hard right and left do not show up enough to be significant. Amongst those who have stood for and/or been elected where we may this is almost perfectly mirrored.

So, it is easy to conclude that Hollande would appear to be the best option for those of us without voting rights who want them since we would be an asset for the future. We can see why, despite quietly muttered half promises, Sarkozy does not want us at present and that unless he drifts to the left of centre should he be returned that franchise would remain wishful thinking.

If anything, campaigning for franchise should have been in full swing and ridden on Hollande's campaign as its best potential advocate. That opportunity now missed because we would be too much overshadowed by the main event, those who really want to push for it to happen should be working toward catching the 'swell' in the wake of the final round here this Spring. There are enough elligible EU citizens to make a difference and whilst we SFN users are probably a truly tiny minority we could also be the mouse that roared if enough of us had strong enough feelings.

So, I have had my say, now to sit back and wait. I am a seeker and user of information rather than any kind of leader, so I am not trying to raise any kind of movement myself. In fact, if anything this is to point out a virtual lack of such an initiative. It is one I would join and whether I would wish to get as involved as I was during 16 years in office in the UK remains an open question in my mind. What is certain, is that I share the view with many other people that because we live here and pay taxes, etc, representation should be part of the package - at least the choice whether to vote or not rather than ONLY be excluded. I shall be most interested in hearing what is in people's minds out there and whether the will to campaign for inclusion is any more that the utterances of the few of us who have had anything to say so far?

yes to the sfn-ometer, let's campaign for james to put it up. rah rah rah, we vote...

rugby - apart from england pulling it off I think it was quite predictable. I watch bbc i-player and french tv together and the truth is that the two commentaries described two different games. france let themselves down by really getting going too late in 2nd half, otherwise had a good chance.

yes we were in agreement yet again. Love the idea of the ...ometer, perhaps we should put up an sfn-electionoutcome-ometer. Having said that I think we would all have got it wrong for the rugby on Sunday ;-)

and I seem to remember doing the equivalent of gently nodding in agreement. however, given the state of french polling perhaps we should put up a 'hearne-instinct-ometre' instead ;)

I seem to remember having said that Sarko would wait and then make a full on charge for the winning post...! ;-) no I'm not blowing my own trumpet but I think his tactiques were obvious from the outset. I think it'll be the usual two horse race for the second tour and that's when we'll see some real mud slinging and "Hollande n'en est pas capable..." amongst other messages BUT people seem to want change rather than more of the same even if the change may be worse. watch this space!

Sarko has just put half a toe ahead on the polls and is gaining momentum, things appear to be changing by the hour. How that will reproduce in the first round election is another question given how imprecise they have become, but the lead is a filip psychologically that may just pull others over or back to him as much as they dislike him personally.

Oh well, if Hollande will get the old-fashioned notion of "race" out of the constitution then the world is again as the French want it; us (the citoyens, the French passport-holders) and the others (the not-French) ;-)

I agree Ben, especially not being one of the better off retired whatevers (inc. English). If Hollande is interested, then it is as you say, but then one leads to the other, he could hardly give franchise to eveyone but the EU people without causing big waves inside the EU, so would not do it.

Living in a different country then the one mentioned on your passport implies accepting the limitations that come with that. I you want to vote, accept the rights and the duties that come with French citizenship, apply for it when eligble.

Sure Hollande is keen on the immigrant vote. But not specifically those of for example English relatively well-to-do retired people, business-owners, or successful employees. It's more aimed at the far larger group of immigrants from other regions....

second that Fiona, having said that my application form is still sitting amongst a pile of papers, still hasn't been filled in, I will get round to it some time...!

Having said that OH and I aren't too motivated by the thought of voting for anyone on offer at the moment!

I went to the Mairie the other day and asked this woman lots of questions about my rights!! It was actually very funny, we had a good laugh, I just wanted to let her know what I thought of some French laws, in a very polite manner of course, no nastiness...I'm 36 I moved to France when I was 19, I have a French partner, 3 French children, a full-time, badly paid job (not complaining, happy to have work) and ALOT of different envelopes from the Tresor Public asking me for money on many an occasion throughout the year (et on ne roule pas sur l'or déjà!!!) Anyway I think that there should be some kind of voting system for foreigners in my situation...Can you imagine my whole voting life I have never had the chance to do so!!

With that said I think all the candidates are hypocritical idiots and I wouldn't have the first clue who to vote for anyway! But thats just my opinion! Why not the FN, get a free, ONE WAY ticket back to the ‘Island’ :)