French farmers launch blockade of oil refineries and fuel depots

(David Martin) #59

Bill, as I’ve pointed out, in my experience it is not. You are welcome to your opinion. Luckily my insurance company agrees with me.

(Bill Morgan) #60

Hey Ho :wink:

(Helen Wright) #61

This one has all the buttons in the centre plus the sat nav…I’m thinking for a start of continuing to use my plug in sat nav as I’m used to listening to “her”…(“at the end of the road turn left…Oh for goodness sake I said left not right…! And “turn around when possible…!”) My brief test drive was on a narrow country lane and I felt like my road position was “off” too…he told me to just look centre and not to focus so much on the kerb…I think it will take a bit of getting used to…x :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #62


How far off topic has this thread got?!

(stella wood) #63

Actually… it is right on the nose… :relaxed: (in a way)

The French Farmers were blockading the motorways on the day we drove from UK to sign for our house… YES… we were driving in our RHD car… (Rover Sterling I think)… anyway, I was peering ahead trying to see what was happening… looking past all the cars in front… :zipper_mouth_face::open_mouth::roll_eyes::wink:

I thought it was a ghastly accident (all the black smoke)… but they were setting bales and tyres alight…

We were about 7 hours late for the signing… but the entire family and the Notaire waited patiently for us… yippee…

It was after that time… that OH had the gizmo fitted to the screen, so that he could see for himself… what was up-front… :smiley::smile::laughing:

(Paul Flinders) #64

Looks like things have calmed down.

(Jane Williamson) #65

Bill, because our car is rhd we can see the verge more clearly and do not need to drive in the middle of the road as many other lhd cars seem to find necessary.

(Bill Morgan) #66


(anon88888878) #67

So when you were in the UK, did you have a LHD car so you could see the verge more clearly? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(stella wood) #68

Ha ha Simon… in the UK, most of my driving was done in the fast lane… the outside lane of the motorway… speeding along and well able to see what was ahead…

I simply cannot get by head around LHD here… too much garlic in my diet, who knows, I have tried and tried… but NO… :thinking::relaxed:

(David Martin) #69

There’s no need. In Britain everybody drives perfectly. About a week ago I met a RHD Land Rover Defender on a country road. I moved to the right so my near side wheels were on the grass expecting the other car to do the same. It didn’t. You could see the nervous tension in the driver’s face as they edged to within a metre of their side of the road. I thought of the time about the theory that RHD cars allowed you to judge your position to the kerb more easily. That situation just reinforced my theory that, actually, it’s spacial awareness that matters.

(Bill Morgan) #70

Arguing that it is as safe and sensible to drive rhd here is frankly, a bit silly :wink:

(stella wood) #71

OH has been peering over my shoulder, at this thread… and just reminded me of the many trips we have done with our Paris pals… many of whom drive British RHD old cars…

We would watch them, with horror, swinging round the right-hand bends… in the middle of the road… :open_mouth: whereas we would be hugging the ditch as we followed “our gang”… :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #72

I suspect the Driver and how that person drives… is actually the most important aspect in any car.

(David Martin) #73

It’s perfectly safe Bill. It’s you who’s wrong. Personally I’d much rather that the other driver is comfortable and confident with the position of the steering wheel that they are using than driving under unnecessary pressure.

(Bill Morgan) #74

Poor Paris friends?
Cheap, ex UK, Expat rhd cars?

(Bill Morgan) #75

Well, call me selfish! but my first concern, is my comfort Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #76

Any of us might well be called selfish, to expect everyone else to agree with one’s ideas… :thinking: as we are all different, with different ideas/ capabilities etc etc. :wink::relaxed: and that is what we need to accept.

I am glad that the Farmers are calming down… let’s hope there has been a reasonable settlement/understanding on all sides.

(David Martin) #77

Nothing wrong with that Bill. Now allow others the same.

(Bill Morgan) #78

Thats telling me ‘what to do Dave’ :wink: