French for Hostess Trolley?

We have an ECKO Hostesse trolley that we would like to sell. We have never seen one here and wondered if anyone else has and might know the generic name?
Some years ago our French neighbours came in for a meal and saw ours. They are very social and entertain frequently, but had never seen anything like it. We bought them one from the UK as they are very inexpensive there. They were pleased an it gets a lot of use.
We only use ours about twice per year and now want to dispose of it.

I know these are for professionals… but it is clear that you can find stuff via Google… and this might give you some ideas…

Thank you Stella. I was trying to think what it might be called in French. That gives me something to go on.

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Surely it is …Une Hostesse Trollée

(said with strong french accent and if they dont understand say it more slowly and much louder!)


It will be a “chariot” of some sort, like the chariot desserte de cuisine that are wheeled round with the puddings in old fashioned restaurants, or the chariot de service used in kitchens.

Thank you Jane. Stella’s suggestion, or a variation ‘buffet chauffant’ actually produces something similar on leboncoin. I have seen nothing similar here, so I think that I will try an advert using something along those lines.



I’ve got so many possibilities for an answer but I’m just too scared :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You just made me choke on my cuppa… :wink: