French freeview channels


I have an Orion TV32PL173DM which came with the house contents i bought just over 3 years ago, it is about 4 years old. I use to receive nearly 30 Freeview channels and it was working fine on sound and vision. I went over last week and went to watch French tv and many channels were missing so i retuned and all of the channels were HD bar Basse Normandy which worked on sound and vision. I did a factory reset and retuned again and all the HD channels were showing audio DOLBY D+, pictures and no sound. Any ideas please, or does it mean getting an HD separate Freeview box to make it work?


I have found out that MPEG2 receivers will no longer work and that a MPEG4 receiver is needed, so an external receiver will be required or a new telly. Cheaper to buy an external receiver.

If you're getting the HD video fine, then it's probably a matter of audio connectivity or configuration.

There is a probably a TV menu/setup option to configure the audio, e.g. a particular language channel*, encoding (PCM/bitstream, or not), and whether it should be handled by the TV and/or only appear on an external output/connector (to go via external amplier/surround system).

* If English is currently selected, try French.