French girl looking for London accommodation

(Danielle Robins) #1

Hi all,

My friend's daughter (20) is looking to move to London immediately and needs either temporary or longer term accommodation - ideally a room in a family home or a flat share with reasonable access to central London and / or the West End.

Her budget won't be huge but has been warned to expect £400 - 500 / month.

So, does anyone have a friend or family member with a spare room, looking to let for a bit of extra income? Any leads would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all,


(Katherine de Ruty) #2

00447757961654 is my mobile.
My landline is 00442074506379

Call anytime if you want to chat about it. Alternatively if you give me a land line I can call you for nothing from my voyage.

Kind regards

(Danielle Robins) #3

That would be great, thank you!

(Katherine de Ruty) #4

Hi Danielle,
I live in SE15, an easy commute to the west end. I would be happy to help with some temporary accommodation. I speak French. (Have three french sons> But they don’t live with me.
Do you want my phone number?