French gloominess?

A good article
here in your favourite newspaper (after the Daily Mail, of course...

I believe he was exported to the US of A. Mention of him reminds me of those little notices by the juke box--"Please play anything you like except anything by The Smiths"


It is a load of bow-locks. Excuse the Venusian expression. The 'sociologist' who wrote that 'quantitative' report should be torn limb from limb by ferrets. As I commented in response on the Grauniad site, none of that fits the bill here unless there is a grumpy tourist from Île de France or thereabouts down here to complain about everything. Gloomy French, gloomy 'other side of La Manche people', yes, got them both places. It might have been the Daily Grail who really love to get the boot in at anything even slightly French, but no other paper in my reading range of nations have even noticed this lamentable report.