French government on the move again!

Talk about the rentree! Has anyone seen this, just announced this morning.

Prime minister Valls offers the resignation of the government over economic policy

Sunday 31 August. Government story already forgotten. News is getting like modern marriages, no sooner something happens it is about to finish!

Freench members of parliament and Senators are given large amounts of money which they can spend as they wish, no receipts required! The President has even more money to spend on the same basis, so no wonder there are problems with finding decent people to stand.

I totally agree Peter. When we talk to our French friends, ALL & I mean ALL them want Sarkozy back. It is just interesting that when our current Pressie is out of favour and the old (Sarkozy) says he may consider coming back that the smear campaigns raise their ugly heads against Sarkozy again. Steve, just a quick one about moving here to escape Cameron & co, I thought you moved here way before Cameron was elected, did you mean Blair & co?

Nowt wrong with a bit of fiddling here and there Steve. We live on a world stage and unfortunately Hollande is regarded as a loser which isn't helping our (the french) economy.

Sarko is more or less respected as an 'homme d'état' and his name helps the french economy just like it did with Pompidou, Giscard, Mitterand & Chirac. This carrot cruncher from La Corrèze is a loser and a joke figure around the worlds economies. We in france need some street cred to give us a chance.

Just like the UK then! No charm, no idea and no answers. Where is that trough again?

Where do they find these people in the local constituency parties to put forward as Councillors or MP's and who is actually doing the choosing?

But again, I do not know about France, it is the general apathy of the sheeple that allows this to continue with "my Dad always voted, labour, tory, liberal etc." with the odd one like my uncle who was a communist party member. Not many actually take the time to read the manifestoes and that is no good anyway when bliars multiculturalism was never mentioned until it was a fait accompli.

We did an analytical survey in college many years ago on political standing and from about 20 in the class about 16 were slightly to the right of Adolph Hitler and Attila The Hun and one showed up as being a communist, and as it happens he was, the rest were middle of the road from memory. Strange, but fairly accurate results. I wish I still had a copy of the question and answer sheet now. Would be interesting to do it again after about 45/46 years to see how my viewpoint has changed. Personally I thought Thatcher was a bit of a leftie lol.

Nice one Peter. Thinking outside the box? My immediate thought of course was the fairies and with further thought, Lord Peter Mandelson aka Darth Labour (created 21 October 1953), perhaps.

Thanks for that link.

...a statue of Gordon Brown ?

The British so-called government do not have any polices just a big bag of hot air.

Angela Merkel has had to cut her cloth according to her socialist partners and Germany is not looking as well as it used to. Lowering the pension age when demographics clearly show it is madness, made worse by Germany’s lack of young people to pay for them.

I have rejuventated my long-held thinking that a female President is long overdue, and my vote would go straight to LaGarde (is that how you spell it?). Brains and class. The only other one I see is Fabius.

I sure others will immediately point out their 'faults' - but remember the bit about casting stones?

Jane, it is tempting to say it's the same worldwide at the moment, but I won't - oh wait a minute I just did didn't I? I think it is possible to make an exception of Angela Merkel as far as I am able to judge. At least she seems to know what she is doing and THAT is exceptional!

Watch France 24 as well, good coverage and lots of specialist experts - maybe not so slick as others, but a genuine News channel with the French and the World and all in Englsih but Ftench focussed. Catch the 19.10 debate as this is really good.

PS France 24 is on Ch175 on my Orange list.

I would love to see Sarkosy come back. I think he had the right ideas but not long enough in office. With so many changes of government party's in such short periods of time I don't think any one of them is going to change France unless it is office long enough to do it. This country needs tough love. The Germans have done it for years, the Brits are paying for it just now, for not biting the bullet earlier but they will pull through with the tough love that the current UK government is dishing out at the moment. As someone else says we need someone here with some back bone. I know that Sarkosy has been accused of all sorts of things but, lets face it when the p**p hits the fan they are all as bad as one another with little skeletons in their cupboards somewhere along the line. France has so much going for it but, it has driven the rich away and doesn't seems to like individuals with entrepreneurial initiative and that really needs to change otherwise its going to go bang!

That won’t happen. Hollande will reform the economy overnight and France will lead Europe out of recession. Guess what I have at the bottom of my garden.

It's the last chance saloon for Hollande, he had no choice but to try something different. He has a very slender majority and there is a real chance the government will lose a vote of confidence leading to an election before 2017. He has balanced his cabinet with 8 men & 8 women with no 'greens' from what I gather. His policies clearly aren't working. This 'socialist' government has become 'liberalised' and unless the dole queue starts to shorten Mr Hollandes' popularity will sink even lower that the record lows at present. Valls is the obvious contender for the top job in his party tho' Montebourg has a lot of support. At least he's not frightened to tell it how it is.

Clean up your act quickly Sarko cos' you & the lovely Carla may well be back in business sooner that you thought !

He also has the little problem of explaining where all the money for his last election campaign came from.

We were talking about this to our French gite guests yesterday and they say that there is no one who is honest or capable to vote for and who has the charisma to attract the voters.

Tony try.