French mortgage application

Help fellow Survivefrance friends. I have just completed our application for a French renovation mortgage. But in the list of documents required it lists

attestation notariée & état hypothécaire

Can anyone enlighten me as to what these are please as the translation of “notarized certificate & mortgage status” doesn’t really help me.

I would say documents attesting the fact that you own the property intended to renovate from the Notaire and your status regarding how you intend to pay off the mortgage.

It is an official clean bill of financial health for your house, ie that it isn’t already mortgaged, being used as collateral for a loan etc.

Great thank you both that really helps I think I know now what I need to provide now thank you.

Just for information, where do you obtain one of these certificates please?

I’d guess through your Notaire or directly from the Cadastre offices.

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Part of the notaire’s job is investigating to show any outstanding ties on a property.