French Nationality and Passport

Hi everyone,

So this subject has probably been done to death but here’s my story in bullet points!

  • I married my wife 20 years ago in the UK
  • I am british
  • both of my wife’s parents are French
  • my wife was born in the UK but she has French Nationality
  • our marriage was recorded in France and the UK at the date of our marriage
  • we moved to France 2.5 years ago and live here permenantly
  • since living here my wife has now got a French ID card and passport
  • our kids have the same
  • I have a carte vital, if that matters?!?

Can I get French Nationality by default or do I need to start learning how to sing the Marseilles!

Thank you!

You can get nationality by marriage. Much simpler than by decree but you still have to learn the Marseillaise, as there is an interview. The info you need is here, and start now as can take rather a long time!

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It’ll come in handy at England vs France six nations matchs.