French Nationality for Dummies

Thank you, how efficient!

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Having gone through the process I have to say I found nothing onerous or intrusive. After all I was endeavouring to become French bec[quote=“fabien, post:182, topic:14172, full:true”]
Hi Katherine,

Don’t answer yes to all they are merely assessing the situation and you describe it as accurately as possible otherwise you might end-up being a fraud unintentionally.

To help you understand what each question means I’m copy/pasting and roughly translating them bellow:

  • Êtes-vous pris en charge par un tiers ? (obligatoire) => Are you someone’s dependent?
  • Percevez-vous des allocations (allocations familiales, RSA…) ? (obligatoire) => Are you perceiving some income from another French “fund” like the RSA, CAF, CPAM, PAJE, etc.?
  • Percevez-vous des indemnités journalières de la sécurité sociale ? (obligatoire)(maladie, maternité, accident du travail) => Do you receive any income from the French Social Security because of a sick leave, maternity leave or loss of income protection?
  • Percevez-vous des revenus fonciers ? (obligatoire) => Do you have any revenue generating estate?
  • Percevez-vous des ressources en provenance de l’étranger ? (obligatoire) => Do you have any revenue stream from abroad (from a French perspective… so the UK is abroad for us ;-))

Browsing an official government website, I came this delightful example of bureaucretese -
Le demandeur doit également avoir un niveau de connaissance de la langue française suffisant, “selon sa condition”.
Can anyone tell me, does being a deaf old git qualify?

provided you are a sufficiently aged… yes… :joy:

Yup, over 60 and they relax the language requirement. However, as far as I understand it, the interview will still be in French, they will want to check that you have an understanding of French culture, history etc etc you will still asked about how well you are integrated. But I don’t quite see how anyone can show that if they don’t speak French?

You start by practising your best Gallic shrug

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Thank you all this information. I have seen ‘somewhere’ that certain departments (including 24) don’t require translated documents, which with two divorces and three marriages could save a fortune! Anyone confirm or otherwise?
Also children over 18 adopted by my ex-wife’ s husband do I need to enter their details
Thanks John

What is their nationality and who is their biological father ? Were they adopted as minors?

Hi, they were adopted as minors. I’m their biological father.

Sorry missed the Nationality bit they are UK Nationals, like me.

"pris en charge par un tiers " means - Is your health cover under your own name or is it under the name of your spouse, child or other family member?

Under whatever heading (although Katherine mentions Resources) I think it is actually asking…

Are you dependent on a third party? (ie NOT independent)

after which questions will be asked/answered as may be applicable…

If the adoption is ‘plénière’ ie they have a new birth certificate with the new father’s name on it, then these children are no longer concerned by your estate. Otherwise they are.
In either case,however, should they become zillionaires and die, their legal next of kin is no longer you so you cannot inherit from them under French law.

But the best thing for you to do would be go and see a notaire.

Thank you very much indeed



I am in the process of filling out my nationality declaration by rights of marriage with the instructions specific for the service of L’Isère (38).

It states that only the certificates (les actes civiles) originating from France have a 3 month validity and that those originating from foreign countries do not have a validity period.

Has anyone else encountered this before?

This runs counter to my other experiences in dealing with the French state, in which documents and translations no older than 3 or 6 months have been requested.

The belt and braces approach would be to just gather every document and translation within the 3 month period, but as that requires a lot more logistical planning I would like to know if anyone else has had success following similar advice.


I provided non-french documents that were older than 3 months, and they have not been sent back. What in fact was sent back was a more recent UK certificate that I ordered in multi-language for at which they refused to accept and wanted proper translations instead.

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Does anyone know where to find these “official translators”? I need a birth certificate translates from english and another from spanish, yet when I try to find the list of traducteurs agréés I am completely lost.

Have a look here, click on your nearest town and you’ll get a list :wink:

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Prescient words, indeed, from @cat.

Now, where did you get your crystal ball? I could do with one :slight_smile: